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I still find it hard to "like" these posts -- take it more in the spirit of agreement with the contents than anything else!

I've posted about this before, but just in case:
Wordpress blog:
"The Outpost" on Goodreads:
-- in that latter group, you'll also find directions to the Agathytes / Christie Centennary and Halloween Bingo, in case you're interested.

Btw, I love your setup on Wordpress -- very clean!
Url Phantomhive 4 years ago
Thank you! Yes I joined the Agathytes and the Halloween bingo. Great to see we can keep those traditions.

Sad to see this site go though. I am still checking it from time to time but usually don't get more than two posts to load. Just wanted to get the word out before it stopped working all together.

Thanks! I use the baskerville2 theme and now that I am actually able to work a bit with the block editor, I made a template for my book reviews =).
I let the BL dashboard load in the background of whatever else I'm doing -- if I wait long enough (say, a whole day) and check back every so often, by the end of the day I can be reasonably sure I've seen everyone of the few posts that are still being posted. But response times are so slow that for all practical purposes, the site has become unusable; it takes forever to post something, comment or respond to comments, or update my library. Shame, shame, shame on whoever is responsible for letting this happen.
Mike Finn 4 years ago
I'm now following your WordPress blog (I found blocks to be a great help once I learned to use them). I'm also at the Outpost.

I still wish the owners would put in a little effort and make BL work.
Url Phantomhive 4 years ago
Found you! Yes, I am also finding the block useful - but they took some time to get used to and understand properly. I kept trying to delete them, took some time to get that the would not be published unless I actually put something in them.

I would have also loved to be able to keep using BL. The social aspect of it was so nice :(
Lora Hates Spam 4 years ago
Followed you. I may have to start actually blogging on my blog. So far it's just been for reviews.
Url Phantomhive 4 years ago
Found you! I actually had the wordpress blog for years but never really used it. Now I was looking for a place and just started from scratch over there.
Bookish Blerd 4 years ago
This is sad, but understandable. This site is a mess and admin clearly doesn't care to work on it. I don't think I can do goodreads again, but I'm on wordpress, tumblr, pillowfort, twitter and insta. I'm always Virago, Virago77 or Virago1977. It's such a shame because this was a safe haven from the wank that sent me running from goodreads.
Lora Hates Spam 4 years ago
Exactly. I feel dirty when I log in GR.