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Liz Loves Books.Com. 5 years ago
I couldnt live without my Kindle Fire now. I still read mostly physical books but its handy for netgalley and instant gratification when I can't wait for the post! Good luck with the writing - don't stop! Lots of my writer friends tried for ages before it actually came together. x
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
Thank you! That's exactly why I wanted a eReader, I love physical books too much to stop buying them...
Dor Does Books 5 years ago
My Kindle revolutionised my life - I'm dyslexic and very often the font will make a big difference to my ability to read text. Kindle means I can set the text to the best spacing for me.

And don't give up on the writing! Just push through, even if it's pants. Get a *full* first draft down and worry about changing it later. You will be amazed how much easier it gets once you've done it for the first time.
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
I'd never looked at it in that way, but an eReader must indeed be a great solution. I'm glad it helped you!

Thank you! I'll give it a try sometime.
I love that you live in two different countries!

And I agree! Keep writing!
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
It sounds more special than it really is. I live in a part of Europe where I can be in like five different countries within a two hour drive (The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France & Germany). But it does sound very cool, I think.

Thank you, I will!
Naw, it's still that awesome!
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
Witty Little Knitter 5 years ago
Yes, I also really wouldn't want to miss my e-reader anymore (also because I have no longer the excuse of 'I would read classic X but I don't have a copy because you can get all of them for's not that I've read terribly many since I got my e-reader but definitely more than without one)

(Also: woho! Soccer! That's really the only sport I'm vaguely into...not that I ever played it)
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
I'm also planning on reading more classics, now I can read them all for free. Perhaps I'll finally finish Les Mis now I don't need to read it from my iPad any more (I really didn't like reading from an iPad)

I never really played it, but once there was a tournament for schools, and I was asked, so I joined in. It's the only year our school has won =)
Witty Little Knitter 5 years ago
Yeah...Les Mis is also on my tbr-list (though for the 'classic literature doorstoper'-list I still haven't finished War and Peace). It's just so annoying that it's impossible to find an unabridged German translation (that isn't in Old German Script...), not only not for free but generally not available neither as e-book nor as hard-copy. Lacking the appropriate French skills I'll probably have to do with an English Translation...
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
I second that. At the moment there isn't an unabridged modern Dutch translation either (of Les Mis). (Not even available in a library!) So, now I'm reading a free English translation, and that's OK for me.

At the moment I've got a group read going so I'm also reading Crime and Punishment (how about Classics). Last year I read Anna Karenina (That wasn't such a good idea in the end, took me more than three months to finish it), but so far I like this one better...
...Bookfanatic 5 years ago
Your whole list fascinates me. My first husband's mother was born in Belgium and told me so many things about the country and whenever she got really mad (luckily never at me) she'd speak Flemish, I guess that was the predominate language where she was from, I worked with a woman who had been born in the Netherlands for years and I adored her she was one of the nicest people I've ever known.
I get that you wanted to go into medicine but not be a doctor. There are so many professions like medicine where people forget that there is more than just that one aspect of it and it takes people working in all aspects for that profession to work.
I am actually on my second e-reader, my first was a Sony PRS-600 and I loved it. My hubby gave it to me 5 years ago for Christmas. It had my name and the date engraved on the front and was a beautiful shade of red, but it was starting to give indications that it was on it's last legs and he said there was no way he as living with me and a dead e-reader and no replacement so he bought me a new Kobo Aura HD on boxing day because they were a really good price and I did not think I would like it near as much as I do. It's an awesome e-reader and ironically my Sony has found a home with my son because his e-reader died and he couldn't afford to replace it right away so I gave him my old one to use until he could.
Ok last thing don't give up on the writing, even if you only finish the story for yourself (although I'm sure the rest of the world would be interested). Sorry for the ramble, this is what I do while I wait for my coffee in the morning I find something to rant or ramble about. Take care and thank you for sharing all these interesting things about yourself with the rest of us.
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
Thank you! I've been living (half of the time of course) in Belgium for 2,5 years now, and I really like to see what the difference are in language and customs. It's a really fun way to learn what kind of 'weird' things you do (and your whole country with you). It happened multiple times that I was just saying something and that my (mostly Flemish) friends were like 'Huh?'. Very interesting...

Yes, indeed. But doctors are most visible so people assume that's the best one can be. But without medical researchers, people who make/invent medicines etc a doctor can't do anything.

Nice to see your old eReader has found a new home! I'm still exploring my new Kobo, but so far I really like it, although not to replace my normal books.
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
Thank you! I only have my Kobo since yesterday so it's really hard to tell anything about it at this stage, but I really like it so far.
I haven't used the dictionaries, but usually when I read I don't have one either, so I think I'll manage...
a TeMPLe of WoRDS 5 years ago
What a great list. I am with you on #4 - even though it's just the cities close to home. I like taking a road trip because then you can stop at the small towns and you don't miss anything. I love history so if the city has a historical background (like here in San Antonio), I'm drawn to it. I also get #8 more than you can imagine. I haven't given up and I am glad to know that you won't be either :) And, as for the e-reader - I hope you love it :) I have a Kindle Paperwhite and it goes with me everywhere (my mother is always messing with me about my priorities because I will forget everything else - phone, keys, wallet, whatever - but I always have my Kindle). I love physical books and still buy some, but I couldn't live without my Kindle.
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
Thank you! If you love historical background you would love Europe, it's very easy to find cities with historical background there. The city I'm from, for example, goes back to the Romans (and the occasional dinosaur)...

Yes, I know. It's just very hard, because I try not to do the same things that annoy me when I'm reading a book, but it's very hard.

So far, I'm really enjoying my eReader, but I've only had it for a day, so it's hard to say something about it yet. For now, it will have to stay inside, but I've already ordered a sleep cover, so it can come and explore the world with me!
a TeMPLe of WoRDS 5 years ago
Europe is one of the places that I want to visit - I love anything English haha and my family is Irish and German (my mom's grandparents came here from Ireland). I not only want to see the history and architecture of every country there - but I want to learn more about my own family history as well.

I've read and reviewed so many - edited a few too - so yeah, that's where my problem lays as well. And I keep wondering, are people even going to want to read this when I'm done? But I'll never know if it's any good if I don't keep at it :)

That's the first thing I did - bought a cover ('cept my mom and I have the same exact Kindle, same exact cover, same exact color haha - I'm always trying to figure out which is which if we leave it in the same room). I was so worried I would drop it (I had an original Kindle before this and that's what happened - I was getting something out of the trunk, handed it to my mom and she accidentally dropped it. (She was horrified. She thought I was going to be mad. I was worried about her. She looked as if she would cry and an e-reader has nothing on my mom's feelings.) I love that I can highlight and write notes (you can tell the physical books I've read because: if it's a novel, it has sticky notes with all my notes and things stuck to the inside - and if I liked it a lot, there will be sticky notes in the back too haha - and if it's a cookbook, it has the date I tried the recipe and my notes written (very nicely and neatly) inside. And I like that I can read in bed without injury haha - with a real book, if you fall asleep, it can hit you in the face or get ruined when you roll over on it. With my Kindle, the worst that has happened is a cramp in my arm from falling asleep holding it :p

I can't wait to hear what you have to say on it after you've had more time to enjoy it. I'm always interested in the e-reader people have chosen and what they think of it.
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
Sounds like a very interesting thing to do, I hope you'll find out something about you family history as well when you visit Europe.

That's completely true!

I don't dare take it outside right now, but they didn't sell covers where I bought the eReader, so I'll have to wait for the internet, but it's on his way now. Only disappointment, it's due on Monday, but then I'll have to go to college again, so I'll have wait till Friday. (I'm already in the phase where I'll miss it!). Not that I don't have any other books to read in the meantime... =)
a TeMPLe of WoRDS 5 years ago
You're already knowing you're going to miss it? Sounds like the beginning of a BEAUTIFUL relationship :)
Mismatched Bookends 5 years ago
Nice to meet you. I swore I would never get an ereader either. I did not but I got Kindle for PC and I LOVE IT! I would not have got to read many of the books I read without it. I do hope to get a reader even though I can read off of my phone. So have you read "Hunter's Claim"? It is funny I was just talking to the author. She loved the blitz I did for her and sent me a box of the most delicious chocolate from a place by her that hand makes it. But that is not why I gave her five stars lol! The book was great and trust me, I was skeptical. I am figuring out which of her books to read next. I am following you now so keep in touch! :) Love and Light
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
Thank you! I guess Kindle for PC is a bit like Adobe Digital Editions? I've used that, and the program is just fine, but I don't like to read from a laptop for more than like 20 pages at a time.

I haven't read Hunter's Claim, but I'll check it out!
bookaneer 5 years ago
Great list! I love the description of your speaking speeds at #9! :)
I'll also be interested to hear what you think of your ereader. I have a Samsung Note because I can annotate papers on it, sketch and doodle, and use various ereader apps, but I have thought about getting a real ereader....the good ones just seem too expensive considering I already have a serviceable solution.
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
Thank you! I completely wasn't aware of it till I was told a few months ago. The number of machine gun related jokes in my surroundings has risen a lot. =)

I'll definitely keep you (and everyone else) updated on my experiences with my eReader, I think a real eReader is better than a phone of tablet, from what I can say so far. I've tried reading on iPad or Samsung telephone, but it's just like reading from a laptopscreen. E-Ink really reads different. I've bought a Kobo Glo, and that one costs around 120 Euro now, in comparison to a tablet or smartphone, I thought the price to be very reasonably...
Jamie's Book Blog 5 years ago
Great list. I love that you can just drive to so many different countries like that. I would love to see some other countries but I'm also terrified of flying. In fact I will not fly....Ever! I've had repeating nightmares since I was a small kid of being in an airplane crash. It's always just one of those regular large passenger planes and I still have that nightmare every few months. It's freaked me out so bad that I refuse to fly.

And I happen to think that Medical research is awesome. Without your research doctors would not be able to learn new things or we would not have new medicines. I would never call any medical profession a failed "doctor" or a failed anything. We need specialists. The more the better.

Oh and continue writing. Write tly, don't hat story. You can do it! Seriousworry about how good or bad the writing is. Just get the story down on paper. That's what revisions and editors are for and if you do ever publish it, hire you 2 editors. One for grammar and one for content such as pacing, helping to improve your writing etc. Not all editors do both and not everyone realizes there's a big difference between the two types editors. At the very least find a good editor who will do both.
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
Thank you! Are there still ships making the trans-Atlantic journey? =) I realise it's a very special position you can just say in the morning 'Today I'll go to Aachen or Cologne (in Germany both) and be back before dinner.' I really like it, because even though the distances aren't great, you immediately feel you're somewhere quite different. Every country/region really is different... =)

That's exactly how I feel about it, there is still a lot of diseases left we don't understand/can't cure, so a lot of research is needed...

I will, but it is far from being able to be send to one or multiple editors. =)
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
I read about you starting your own fanfiction, I'm very curious to read it!

I'll just keep trying, perhaps one day I'll succeed in writing something down that I like...
About the writing, I once read a book by Natalie Goldberg, 'Wild Mind.' and it completely changed the way I approached writing. I too love conjuring up scenes and set pieces in my head, going through dialogues as well as constructing eloquent word order but as soon as I began actually writing, or typing everything fell flat. After reading this book, I realized that when I write I'm trying to be the editor and writer at the same time; two roles almost at odds with each other because as the writer in me let words flow out, the editor would cut them short and I'd lose that momentum and rhythm. It's more about letting your wild, even random thoughts spill out onto paper and then later you can go back and refine. With this method not only did I actually like what I produced but miraculously I found my own writing voice and style. Not everything is fit for everyone, and I don't know if this would help you BUT I wanted to offer some advice along with my support. Don't give up, it takes courage to put yourself out there but no matter what it brings, it's worthwhile.
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
Thank you! That's precisely what I experience! When I create dialogues and other stuff in my head it's sounds good but when I start writing it's just flat. I'll definitely check out the book you mentioned. Thanks for the advice!
Ah, no problem. I truly hope that whatever route you take, you get that story out of your head and onto paper. Looking forward to reading (and reviewing) it! : )
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
The More I Read. . . 5 years ago
I love your list. It's a great introduction. My "orange" is a little weird. I've loved purple since I was a kid, and it still soothes me and cheers me up when I need it. Wow! Medical researcher is awe-inspiring to me. I read most of my ebooks on my Kindle Paperwhite or on my iPad. The Kindle is just right, however, to stick in my purse/tote so I can pull it out whenever I want to read. I'm a little ashamed that I've never read Harry Potter books. I think it was because ALL of my family read them and kept shoving them at me to read. It was kind of a childish rebellion, but the more they urged, the more I dug my heels in and ignored them. I will read them someday. Maybe. Thanks for the follow.
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
Thank you! I've had my Kobo for a few months now, and it's safe to say I don't want to go without one any more. If this one would break down today, I would probably order a new one tomorrow. At home they've even started calling it my boyfriend, for reasons I don't really get :P However, we are together a lot...

It's funny how these things work, isn't it? I would, however recommend the books to you. Personally, I think the whole fandom/franchise surrounding HP is just great (even better than the books; because there are so much fans who've created great comics and even musicals, staying true to the books, showing how much they like it, but also making a bit fun of the weaknesses. I really like that :) )
Great Book Ecapes 4 years ago
Nice introduction :) You must have graduated by now, great choice for a career. :)
Url Phantomhive 4 years ago
Thank you! Indeed, I'm now a Bachelor of Science in the Biomedical Sciences, and currently I'm in my masters which is focused on basic and translational research. I like it a lot, luckily. :) I've just finished three short internships in different labs and I really enjoyed all of them...