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My favourite has to be Brothers Karamazov. I love the way he writes, but then again I love detailing and I think the modern trend is for conciseness, fast pace and 'just get there already!'

Interesting point about the female characterizations. With some classical literature, I too wondered if it is sexism, or just experience of women conforming to stereotypes that society has chosen for them - that even happens today though there is greater freedom not to do so.
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
This was a group read, we read about one Russian classic a year, and the Brothers Karamazov had just been read before I joined, but they were also very enthusiastic about it.
Good book group! I'm always wary of joining them because reading book lists are too mainstream for my liking, though honestly it's probably that I hate being told what to do. How do you find discussions, and debate because that would be a great benefit. Are people very much attached to their opinions or do they give and take ideas?
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
It's just an internet forum, and group reads are not necessary nor at a specific time. It's all very free to join them if you wish. They usually start with someone stating they'd like to read a certain book and other people joining in. I like these group reads because you read all kinds of books you normally wouldn't choose.

Most of the time people agree quite good with each other, but we've had some discussions which were quite heated as opinions were rather black or white...
That's quite cool because you'd get a broad mix of people that way, from all around the world. I fear people becoming sensitive, especially if the book is beloved to them. However one thing I miss out on is sharing opinions - I get a lot from reviews but not that back and forth of discussions. Unfortunately my offline friends have very different tastes to mine.

Anyway, I think I'll follow you and seek out some forums online. Thank you!
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
I would recommend my forum to you, but it's Dutch, so that's a bit inconvenient. I don't really know an English forum, but I never really sought one, as I'm busy enough writing my reviews here, and 2 book-related fora.
Oh no I didn't expect you to find me one. That's so kind of you to think of me though. I'll lurk around on any I find at first though - since that's more my style - then join one that I think might suit me and vice versa. Thank you for highlighting this avenue to me to pursue. I hadn't really considered it before.
Ironic Contradictions 5 years ago
If you want to check out an easier Russian great I would recommend Chekhov's short stories. He is regarded as one of the greatest short story authors of all time and I highly recommend what he is able to do.
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
Thanks for the recommendation, though I'm not a really big fan of short stories, I'll definitely give it a try!
Ironic Contradictions 5 years ago
His way of doing them is a lot better than most typical short stories people experience is all!
The Farceur Trilogy 5 years ago
Love this book, one of my favorites. You've been reviewing a lot of my favorites lately! (Crime and Punishment, Brave New World, Never Let Me Go). It's making me all nostalgic and tempted to ditch my long list of TBR for some re-reads :)