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ashwednesday 9 years ago
This sounds like a Ready Player One offspring. That was 80s gaming heavy too and I was born in 1980 but was too young to understand most of the pop culture references. But still enjoyed RPO's story.

I'm babbling sorry. Great review :D
Url Phantomhive 9 years ago
Thank you! It has indeed been compared with Ready Player One a lot, but I haven't read that book so I can't really say anything on that account.
bookaneer 9 years ago
Hah, that was my thought exactly... trying to capitalize off of the Ready Player One craze.
@Url--I read RPO, and I was born 5 years earlier than you and still didn't get it. So unless you're a gamer (which it sounds like you aren't) I'd say give it a miss.