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I read Triple Knot. So good! And, wow!! You did read a lot!! Awesome!! I wish I could.
Url Phantomhive 4 years ago
That was a really good book indeed! I've surprised myself, I normally don't read that many books :)
Good luck in August! I just received an ARC of We Are Not Ourselves. Can't wait to get to it!!
Url Phantomhive 4 years ago
Thank you! I've already read 70 or so pages of We Are Not Ourselves, so far it has not disappointed me! I hope you will enjoy it!
Witty Little Knitter 4 years ago
Woah...I really need to get my NG-Percentage higher as well. I really wanted to read what I requested there first but then something came along I couldn't resists requesting (in hindsight I do wonder why I really wanted that English translation of the Grimm's Fairy Tales seemed like a good idea at the time)...and I somehow ended up with one I didn't even request as I follow them on Twitter and they often tweet links to their new acquisitions. I checked one of them out and it turned out that if you used the link they tweeted you got auto-requested o_O. Oh well it's not my usual genre of choice (a romance set in WWI) but it doesn't sound too bad.
Url Phantomhive 4 years ago
I also really try not to request any books, but sometimes I still see a book that looks like it's going to be great (and that of course, isn't going to help my percentage). I didn't know you get auto-approved via twitter... Good luck!
Kitty Horror 4 years ago
That's an amazing amount of read books for July, well done. :D
Bloggeretterized 4 years ago
Wow! It was a great month for reading for you!