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SilverThistle 8 years ago
I read this one probably about 30 years ago now and I still remember lots of it. I liked it a lot. When I read Hunger Games my first thought was that it reminded me of King's 'The Running Man'. I'm not much of a Hunger Games fan tbh.
Url Phantomhive 8 years ago
I read The hunger games before the hype, and after some time everyone started telling me it was similar to Battle Royale, so I read that one as well, and liked it better because it was published way before the Hunger Games. I read the Long Walk after those and there are quite some similarities as well, but fewer than between The hunger games and battle royale, IMHO.
Hol 8 years ago
I refused to read Hunger Games because I thought it a complete rip-off of Battle Royale!
Portable Magic 8 years ago
The Bachman books are my least favorite of SK's work, but I found this story compelling. Not necessarily because of the dystopian setting, but because of the way the characters evolved and the impact of the circumstances on their thoughts and behavior. It actually reminded me more of Lord of the Flies than Hunger Games, for some reason.
Url Phantomhive 8 years ago
Now that you mention it, I can see the resemblance between the two. I had never really thought about that before, because everyone always focusses on the Hunger Games.
Freda's Voice 8 years ago
This is my favorite short story by King. Period.