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Omg, she looks like my late, great Kitty Softpaws.
Bookish Blerd 1 year ago
Kitty Softpaws? LOVE that name!
That's the name of the she kitty from Puss in Boots. It seemed fitting for my girl because she was fiesty and sweet.
Leeloo can read upside down! :D
Bookish Blerd 1 year ago
She is a very talented girl, lol!
Of course she is! :) (Even though her reading matter seems to be putting her to sleep ... :D)
Bookish Blerd 1 year ago
LOL, actually that was because I left the flash on when I took the picture. She's totally into Lumberjanes.
Ah, OK. Lol, sometimes you produce the most adorable "sleeping kitty" pictures just by forgetting to turn off the flash -- it's happened to me as well. And she sure is adorable ...
Oh my gosh, Leeloo is adorable!
Gotta love that possessive paw on the book.