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Kaethe 4 months ago
Congratulations on the challenge busting!
Congrats -- and what a book (from what I gather) to bust your challenge with, too!
Lol! I actually stacked my "reading" shelf with nice things when I realized I was almost there. Felt like a let down to bust the line with some drivel I wouldn't even bother to review
Very wise choice! Besides, it makes bingo so much better, too ...
Rachel's books 4 months ago
Really want to click on the spoiler, but I won't because I've only read through the 7th book! It's so tempting! Congrats on the challenge busting!
Nonono. Don't. I wasn't extremely spoilery for this one volume, but if you are so far behind, it'll blow out several big points (actually, thinking about it, I likely busted a couple from what's out of spoilers already)