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Good job! I wish I had kept some of my reviews from Amazon back in the day. I know I reviewed this one.
Lol, thanks!

You did not keep a file? I tend to because my connection hates me and loves to swallow reviews if I hit post without a back-up.
Nope. I probably should, but just never do except for drafts reviews I have worked on here and there.
Portable Magic 4 years ago
I remember enjoying this one. It had some of SK's wonderfully drawn characters and a good mix of funny and gross-out. But I also remember the pacing being very uneven and overall a looonnnnnggg read.
Hell yeah it was long. There were some bits where King got flighty in his towns descriptions, but given that those are looong pages to stay gripping your seat, I found them mostly a relief, and good stopping points, but yeah, they were a bit lame.