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Liz Loves Books.Com. 5 years ago
I've had this on my shelf FOREVER. I really should get around to it! great review.
Dor Does Books 5 years ago
YES, YOU SHOULD. It's great. It's a bit slow to start, but once it does: great.

Also great: the recent BBC radio play. I haven't seen the original TV series (which came first) since it was broadcast so I can't comment on that except to say it's likely to be 90's BBC special-effect-tastic.
I only recently learned that this had been a TV series and radio play - do you know where I might find these now somewhere online or maybe they have disappeared into the archives? I'm kinda intrigued to see how they did it though you'll be right about the lame special FX !! :D
Dor Does Books 5 years ago
The radio play (which is very good - although I will say that if you're not used to listening to radio plays you may find it a bit strange) can be purchased from audible - - or if you don't want to spend $14 you could keep an eye on the iplayer radio and hope you catch a repeat.

I've had a quick look and have the digital files available, but for an actual DVD you'd probably be better trying ebay. They are, however, available in the UK.
Hey thanks so much for that - I'll check out that link. Cheers !! :D
Yes you should !! It's very well crafted fantasy - I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did TBH :D !! Glad you enjoyed the review !!
William's Book Blog 5 years ago
I read this too, very recently, and yes, it's the characterisation that really makes this book. Spot the many points of agreement:
Degrees of Affection 5 years ago
I have the TV show on DVD but haven't watched it in years. I thought it was good at the time, the setting and the actors were very decent. I haven't seen it advertised in forever, but I think you should be able to find a copy - on Amazon used if nothing else. I haven't read the book yet, but it's on the list. I've been holding off on my re-watch till I read it. Great review and you've helped it move up the list.
Glad you enjoyed the review !! I'm defo gonna have a search for the DVD - I'm intrigued !! :D
Jessica (HDB) 5 years ago
Love love love this book! *hugs it* If you haven't read it already, I highly recommend the graphic novel! I think these two go together beautifully.
Degrees of Affection 5 years ago
Oooh, I didn't know there was a graphic novel! Need!
Ooh I didn't know there was a graphic novel either !! Thanks for the heads up !! :D
Degrees of Affection 5 years ago
Thanks! It's on my list!