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Great review -- and you are so right, Christie is all about characters and their relationship. People who dismiss her writings don't understand that.

Re: The disguise you (probably) mean (and at the risk of jumping to conclusions): I think it works because of the vocal range and physical features of the person adopting that disguise (I actually know someone who would be able to get away with it in a heartbeat)

--- SPOILER ---

... namely, a lady whose voice, both in speaking and in singing is so dark that she was made to join the *tenors* (i.e., male singers) in the semi-professional choir in which she sings -- and who also doesn't have a very feminine body. (And no, she's manifestly not transgender.)

Similarly, Christie expressly mentions that the character in question has "a deep voice, almost manly in its stentorian tones, and ... a large sensible square body, with feet to match", as well as "a hearty, almost painful grip".

In fact, amateur theatrics and role play were a routine feature in the social circles in which Christie grew up: I wouldn't be surprised at all if seeing acquaintances actually getting away with precisely this sort of thing had given her the idea for this particular disguise.