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NerdyBirdie 4 years ago
OMG I'm currently reading this book as well! Actually, I'm listening to this on audiobook read by Julia Emelin! I'm REALLY loving her narration style right now! Agniezka pronounced (Ug-nay-sh-ka apparently) is so funny! :D Hope you enjoy this because I'm loving it right now! :D
Ani's Book Abyss 4 years ago
Oh! I've been trying to figure out how to pronounce her name. Thanks for mentioning it. I was actually giving it the good ol' American phonics version "ahg-nee-eh-ska" then I wondered if the 's' was maybe making a 'sh' sound, so I mentally sounded it out that way as well. I tried a lot of variations, but I kind of like the "ug-nay-sh-ka" one more. lol

I find Agniezka highly amusing and entertaining so far and the writing to be very beautiful. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy it just as much as you are. So let's hope we both continue to enjoy it until the end. I've seen a lot of good feedback from other reviewers about it!