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If this is what you call "rambles", I wonder why I'm calling my version of the same thing reviews ... :D

Love them! And I'm only doing collective "review" posts for my bingo reads, too -- time just doesn't allow for anything else at the moment.
Ani's Book Abyss 10 months ago
hehe I do this every time--I finish a book and think, "Hmm, I don't know what to say about this one. Let's just write a short ramble..." And then I start writing, and the next thing I know, I've got three paragraphs of stuff. Then again, compared to some of my reviews, these are fairly short anyway, since I tend to get carried away with my thoughts.

I had thought to just leave some of these without reviewing them, since Moonlight had ruled that we didn't really need a review, just a short sentence or two explaining how the book fits each square... but then I decided that I wanted to review them after all, and started compiling a group of books I couldn't figure out how to review. And the truth is, these DID start out as short, one to two paragraph thoughts, but every time I read through what I'd written, I'd think of something else to tack on.