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The Open Book 1 year ago
Oh no! I hope everything works out with your car, and glad you and your friend were both ok!
How scary! I´m glad you and your passenger were not hurt. Sorry about your car though. I think it is amazing that the deer caused that much damage and then took off. I wonder if he ended up dying out in the woods somewhere. Anyway, good luck with the move and the new position. Keep smiling!
Person Of Interest 1 year ago
Oh my gosh, I'm so relieved to hear you and your friend weren't injured. Sorry your SUV wasn't as lucky, though. :( Hope the auto repair situation turns out well for you too, and you get back to reading soon.

Ani's Book Abyss 1 year ago
Thank you all. =) My friend and I are so, so thankful that the car took most of the damage. And the deer. I admittedly spent a lot of time freaking out about hitting a deer and wondering if it was going to be okay. But the officer told me there wasn't anything I could do about that.

There was a man who had stopped to help us, see if we were okay. And he said something about that, in situations like this, either the deer didn't get injured that badly and will run off to rest... or leap in front of another unsuspecting vehicle, or the deer will go somewhere, lay down and bleed to death somewhere. And I'm like, "Well... thanks, man. That made me feel SO much better..."

My parents think I might have to start looking for a new vehicle, and my dad has been searching online... though I'm suspicious that he's actually looking for a new car for himself when he said something to the extend of: "If we get this Honda Pilot, it has seven seats, then I can sell my van." O.o
I kinda know how you feel. We almost hit a huge cow moose one day. We didn´t see it at the side of the road and it got spooked and jumped across the road just as we were passing. My husband swerved and it ended up clearing our car and just one hoof hit the side of our hood and left a dent. We have a moon roof and I watched a big fat moose belly fly over the car. Made me understand why Santa uses reindeer and not moose. Anyway, I was so worried about the moose because there was blood on my car but she was gone. My husband thinks the moose was probably okay though and will just need therapy. My dad is a hunter and is good at tracking. He checked the area and never found it and he promised not to kill it if he did.
BrokenTune 1 year ago
I'm glad you're ok. Hitting a deer is dangerous. So, if the only thing that was damaged was the car, that is lucky!
Ani's Book Abyss 1 year ago
Extremely lucky. Thanks! I'd heard of other people running into deer before, but you don't realize how bad it can be until it actually happens.
OMG. I'd been wondering where you had gone and had been hoping it's just work or family or something ... That must have been *such* an upsetting experience; I don't even want to imagine how much.

Hope the car situation at least will get taken care of (in your favor, not your dad's!) ... and I hope you'll be off to a good start with your new job!
Ani's Book Abyss 1 year ago
It's been a busy couple of days, but I'd been a bit scarce even before then, and had actually planned on getting back into my blogging groove on Monday... then a deer happened.

Ah well, I'm looking at this as a part of a new turning point in my life: new job, new car, new lifestyle, maybe?
Hopefully ... oh man.
I love this idea for a post. I am going to check out that blog.
Ani's Book Abyss 1 year ago
I know! I love how versatile it can be, simply telling everyone what you're reading and what you're doing. It's my way of saying, "Hi, I haven't been around in a while, but this is what I've been up to."
JL's Bibliomania 1 year ago
Glad you and your friend are OK. We're starting to have significant numbers of deer in our suburban neighborhood.
Ani's Book Abyss 1 year ago
Thank you. We've always had deer around the city limits, but they usually stay out of the way. The hospital I used to work at is in an area where deer are always roaming, but I'd never actually seen one before, no matter that I'd driven out there for seven years.
Portable Mistletoe 1 year ago
Oh no, that's an awful experience. I'm glad you and your friend are okay, but having to get a new car is really the pits.
Ani's Book Abyss 1 year ago
We've dealt with most of the insurance stuff, but I'll be glad when it's all taken care of. Even if my care is fixable, my parents think I should go ahead and get a new car anyway--they're taking it as a sign of some sort, I guess. Car shopping, negotiating prices, payments, etc... that stuff is going to be a headache, though.
Cars can be replaced--people can't. So glad that you & your friend are unhurt, if shaken. Take it easy on yourself while you until you get back to normal.
Ani's Book Abyss 1 year ago
Thank you. I think I'm bouncing back now that it's in the past, and I can look back and see the positives of how lucky we were to be uninjured in the whole ordeal. It was just so scary at the time.
I'm glad that you and your friend are okay! I think I would have been a mess too-I once hit a squirrel and agonized over it for weeks-I felt bad.
Bark at the Ghouls 1 year ago
So sorry to hear about your accident but am glad you and your friend came out of it ok.