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Murder by Death 3 months ago
Excellent ramblings. Hang in there with Nichelle. And yeah, Barbara Michaels hits you with the creepy sometimes and always when you least expect it.
Ani's Book Abyss 3 months ago
lol Thanks! I plan to keep on with Nichelle--the series is still pretty solid as far as I can tell, even if a few things bug me a little bit. But I'm hugely averse to love triangles, which is probably what's bugging me the most, really. But I figure Nichelle will pick one guy sometime soon. Or neither. hehe

As for that Barbara Michaels book, it really DID suddenly hit with the creepy. The sarcasm and wit and banter were in full force. Then I'm suddenly feeling like something's moving in the shadows and I had to get up and turn my lights on to dispel it. Yikes! I can't even really recall what part of the book it was that did that. lol
Murder by Death 3 months ago
I hate love triangles too - that's all I'll say.
Mike Finn 3 months ago
It's great to see a post that brings all the reading together like this. Gotta love those mice. I'm intrigued by "Carnie Punk" and "Over Easy". Please don't judge Terry Pratchett by "Colour of Magic*, I think it's his worst DiscWorld novel.
Ani's Book Abyss 3 months ago
Thanks! I still have another, more rounded out wrap up planned that's in the works right now. Maybe a bit repetitive of some of the things I've already mentioned.

I'm not big on short stories, but I might search out some of the other Carniepunk stories out of curiosity. It's a good way to find some new authors who might be of interest.

And I've read that 'Colour of Magic' and even 'The Light Fantastic' aren't Pratchett's best work; that the series gets better afterwards. So I'm holding out hope! As the Discworld Book Club progresses, I'll be able to slowly make my way through it and find out for myself. =D
BrokenTune 3 months ago
Great summary. Thanks for the heads up that the Collins is probably not worth looking into.
Ani's Book Abyss 3 months ago
Thank you!

I just couldn't quite figure that one out. The titular 'Haunted Hotel' doesn't even come into the book until almost half-way through. And then it just felt like outlined accountings of what happened to each person involved. Although I will admit, there was one particular scene that got a bit eerie at one point and I had to turn some lights on (read most of it in bed at night--my usual reading spot).

And I forgot to mention in my rambling, but the mystery really isn't much of a mystery, to be honest. Maybe I just didn't get it? Or this was not one of Wilkie Collins' better books?