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What's the play -- still "The Winter's Tale"?
Yes - I'm right at the start of the final act.
After which it's "exit -- pursued by eternal boredom" for the play?
Yes - it's offered very little so far and I don't see that changing. Cymbeline is an unknown quantity for me; don't know anything about it. Folio version of Lear will be good, then his last two, both collaborations. I'm interested in what was an acceptable play about Henry VIII under James I. Two Noble Kinsmen I dunno about. I'm skipping The Tempest as it would be a re-read.
Well, he lifted Catherine of Aragon's trial scene pretty much directly from More's transcript ... and got away with it. (So perhaps all that "serpent under flower" business in the Scottish Play paid off once and for all.) Plus, at the end there's (even if only in a few words) more glowing praise of Elizabeth I than he ever put into a play while she was still alive ...

Cymbeline is so-so IMHO -- not a play I'm really drawn to. But hey, who knows what I'm missing!

Two Noble Kinsmen is cribbed off Chaucer's "Knight's Tale" ... names, plot, and all!
Well, Shakespeare liked to steal his plots...hardly anyone had time to actually invent a new one back then!
Yes, but this is even closer to the source material than even "Hamlet" or, for that matter, "Romeo and Juliet" ... and he wasn't the first one to crib this particular plot, either. Just possibly the best (not that I've seen any of the other adaptations, though)!