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That's pretty brazen ...
Wallace's essay, after Darwin's sketch had already been shown around!
I've mislead you: a small number of people had privately seen Darwin's essay. Wallace had no clue whatsoever about it and wrote to Darwin completely independently. there's no doubt Wallace and Darwin came to their conclusions completely separately. Wallace was unknown - he was a young man doing something similar to what Darwin did on the Beagle voyage but mainly in the Pacific islands when he wrote to Darwin.
Ah, OK. I thought Wallace was one of the people already in the know.

Hmmm, so it seems we might actually be talking about Wallacism, if Darwin hadn't decided to publish his work first after all?

Is there any indication how Darwin responded to Wallace himself after he had sent him his paper?
Darwin's friends suggested a joint paper to be read at the Linnean Society, which is what happened. Darwin's part was taken from the 1844 "sketch."
... after which Wallace decided to give Darwin precedence for purposes of publication?
The joint paper was published in the Proceedings later the same year. Wallace very graciously always deferred to Darwin.