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Amen. (Sigh.)
Yep, it's depressing to think of the state of education, globally at this point in history.
Both education (or lack thereof) and willful blindness ...
There's not a lot to be done about wilful idiocy but deliberately weakening education leads to things like a narcissist idiot being in charge of the allegedly most powerful nation on Earth, as well as the perpetuation of things like the subjugation of women in various countries. The correlation with strong religious belief in all these places is not coincidental, in my view.
What I meant was the sort of willful blindness that causes educational curricula to be censored ... one thing causing or reinforcing the other. And I totally agree on the religious angle.
Well, I cynically believe that the two are inter-related in a deliberate attempt to create/maintain a serf class of people too ignorant to know they are being exploited. It's bizarre that Saudi Arabia is agreeing to allow women to drive at last at the same time that the USA has declared open warfare on women's rights.
That is very bizarre indeed. :(