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Oy. That magic shield better work as advertised then ...
You mean the girdle he should have given to Bertilak?
Well, that, too -- but the duel with the green knight is really a test of Gawain's chivalric virtues (as embodied in his shield), isn't it?
Well, yeah, but there's no indication that the shield is magical.
OK, that's true -- make it "metaphorically magic" then ... :D (i.e., chivalry better turn out all it's cracked up to be / to enable you to do in making a combat fair and nevertheless remain victorious).
But he's cheating!
Well, so much for the shield ...
Yep - it was useful on Christmas Eve when he was lost and tired and stuck in a particularly remote and dismal forest. The picture of Mary on the inside reminded him to pray and he soon found Bertilak's castle.
At Christmas it worked ...