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Hol 11 months ago
You shoulld post a picture of your finds.
BrokenTune 11 months ago
^^^ Seconded.
You will have to settle for a list:
Norse Mythology, Neil Gaiman
New York 2140, Kim Stanley Robinson and
The Ambling Deceased Compendium 2, Kirkman/Aslard/Rathburn.

OK, one of those titles has been re-named by me...
BrokenTune 11 months ago
LoL. Nice list, tho. :)
Those Strolling Corpses Compendia are both heavy and costly.
BrokenTune 11 months ago
I bet! Are they fun, tho?
I was trepiditious about shelling out for the first one given only the TV series to go on. Seemed like a risk. I liked it enough and found it sufficiently different from the show that I had no qualms about buying the second one. There is a third Perambulating Demised Compendium. Lucky there isn't a fourth 'cos I'm running out of one word synonyms for "dead"...