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Archer's Asylum 4 years ago
Do you guys keep track of your comic books that you have read like you would with books?

Yes, I keep track of them through my marvel, DC and Vertigo apps on my galaxy tablet and using an excel spreadsheet.

As for totals, I use sites like this for TPB's (Trade paper backs) rather than single 24 page issues. These volumes usually run between 10 and 13 issues.

I recommend Deadpool, any and all of it. Death of Wolverine, Last Son of Krypton, Batman: The Long Halloween, Marvels Civil War event, Infinity, Earth X, Marvel Zombies. There are so many recommendations it depends what you like in a comic.
Bambbles Rambles 4 years ago
That seems to be the consensus from people I have been asking - find and keep track of the trade paperbacks. I dont think I read enough of the series to hit a trade paperback total though... so I am thinking since I am going to be reading them primarily when traveling, I'll add them individually and bump up my 'challenge' count appropriately... with maybe not bumping it up once i hit 10 or something.

I actually really wanted to tackle Deadpool. He is someone I dont know much about yet am quite interested in! I'll have to take a look at the others on the list. I thought about Civil War and Infinity since i have heard of them being stories, but otherwise i have no idea what I like in a comic. I read some manga in high school, but it was mostly the romance kind. This is a whole new area for me so I am just going to read a wide range til I find what I like :)

Thanks for the recs and info!