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Moonlight Reader 4 years ago
Hahahaha. Awesome.

There is a really terrible Renee Zellweger movie (I know, that doesn't really narrow it down, does it) where she ends up in the frozen north - like Minnesota, or Wisconsin or someplace - to shut down a pudding factory or something and there is an incident where she takes off her sweater and she is really cold and there are nipples. It's one of the only funny parts of the movie.
Bambbles Rambles 4 years ago
Ha! I love it. It's always nice to find at least one scene that make you laugh in just terrible movies.
Hahahaha! I hate when this happens. They have the treadmills in front of mirrors at the gym I go to so I get to stare at myself. Sometimes my left nipple will make an appearance, sometimes the right, and sometimes they partner up. It's entertainingly awkward but I'm sure none of the guys on the treadmills next to me are watching my boobs in the mirror...
Bambbles Rambles 4 years ago
We have both walls lined with mirrors. Good for sneakily trying to look at something, bad when you are facing yourself and have no where to look but you. I wouldn't have felt as embarrassed if it was just the treadmill. But its just me and him in a little room full of mirrors. Yay, boobs...