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Bettie's Books 5 years ago
I'll have a look for that one. Thanks!
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 5 years ago
Aw, I haven't watched the Fisher King since it was in theaters. Now I'm wondering how it holds up. Meanwhile the place I just ate lunch had Hook on - I think everyone is watching Robin Williams in some form today.
Bettie's Books 5 years ago
Hook - yes. Now that would be a great re-watch. Dinero's cross-dressing
It's La Cage aux Folles, Americanized. And it is quite funny and well-done. Nathan Lane is also wonderful.
Bettie's Books 5 years ago
La Cage aux Folles! Right! We caught that in Göteborg Opera last spring season. Fun.

Yes, if The Birdcage comes your way, it's a fun movie and worth a watch.