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Sorry to hear this :(
Bitchie's Books 5 years ago
It got good reviews, mostly, such a letdown.
Great review, was tired even after reading all the twists and turns, oy.
Ah, Bitchie, you're such a tease! You put in spoilers--which I can never resist, dammit!--and THEY DON'T WORK!
LOL.... so what happened? ;-) (tho I can guess the soap opera spoiler)
Bitchie's Books 5 years ago
The blind guy fell and hit his head in just the right spot, and got his sight back. The doc boyfriend got fired from his ER job (for no good reason and he should have sued) then was immediately offered a partnership with another doc. The family of everyone involved accepted the threesome, no questions asked. I was just waiting for one of the blind guy's exes to show up pregnant or with his kid.
Ach, I knew it. Soap opera, indeed--along the lines of 'almost everything but the kitchen sink'. :(

Hope you dove immediately into a good, hot one!