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I know exactly how you feel about this series ... and this particular book. Not my favorite from the series, either, and yet, I was barely done and was already pulling book 3 from the shelves! Barak is my favorite character by far; I like him even better than Shardlake.
Lillelara 7 years ago
I actually did a happy dance when Shardlake offered Barak a job :D. I´m really looking forward to be reading more about him.
I´m trying to draw my Shardlake reading out a little bit, but I guess I will pick up the next book very, very soon ;).
You should -- IMHO "Sovereign" is the best one in the entire series. "Revelation" is a hot contender, but ultimately ... no dice! (Plus, much of "Sovereign" is set in York, which I just love as a city -- and he totally "gets" the locale -- so that's an extra bonus. Be prepared for a *lot* of cruelty, however, to pretty much every sort of creature under the sun.)
Lillelara 7 years ago
Thanks for the heads up :) I always prefer to know stuff like that beforehand.