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Mike Finn 6 years ago
I've never heard Lucy Honeychurch described that way before. It made me smile because I see what you mean. I could forgive her a great deal for choosing a man she always saw framed by a view over a man who she viewed always in a room. Still, she is definitely self-absorbed and entitled.
Lillelara 6 years ago
I guess her behaviour might be attributed to her young age and that she doesn´t know how to deal with these big emotions. But nevertheless I became more and more annoyed by her throughout the story. At some point I felt the need to say "Enough already, woman" to my book ;).
Don't miss the movie with Helena Bonham Carter and Daniel Day-Lewis (and Maggie Smith!) I don't think I've actually read the Forster, but I have very fond memories of the film, and of Lucy's big hair and big, big emotions expressed through her Beethoven.
Lillelara 6 years ago
The movie is for free on Amazon Prime and I´m so going to watch it. Thanks for the recommendation :D.