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Person Of Interest 5 years ago
I love Vermeer's paintings! I should hunt down more books dealing with him and his work, both fiction and non-fiction. I haven't read GWTPE but did see the film adaptation.

I adore anything related to art history, restoration, forgery and heists. Acorn TV has quite a few documentaries on those subjects I've been happily working my way through, too. :)
Lillelara 5 years ago
Have you read The Forger´s spell by Edward Dolnick. It´s about Han van Meegeren and his Vermeer forgeries and how he managed to fool the Nazis. A fascinating and unbelievable story.
Person Of Interest 5 years ago
No, I haven't. I've seen Van Meegeren mentioned here and there, but I haven't followed up reading about him. I'll look into the book. Thanks.

ETA: I see Dolnick has written quite a few interesting looking non-fiction books. I'll definitely give one a try and see how I like his writing.