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BrokenTune 5 years ago
I'm trying to clear my currently reading shelf so I can fully focus on my Highsmith read(s) - Eleven this weekend. I might even shift Pollensa Bay to Murder Most Foul and use a second Highsmith for the Raven square.

I could not put this one (Owl) down either. It was so messed up, but it was so good. Her skill really lay in getting seemingly ordinary people into extraordinary situations and testing their mettle. Quite existentialist in a way, but certainly messed up.
Lillelara 5 years ago
Enjoy your Highsmith reads :). So far I liked most of her books. The only novel I disliked was "Strangers on a Train".

The postman will bring me my next Highsmith novel "The Tremor of Forgery" tomorrow. I´m not planning on reading it for the bingo, though. I need a break before reading another one of her books.
BrokenTune 5 years ago
Nice! I can see why a break after Highsmith is a good thing. It's rather involved reading. :D I've not read The Tremor of Forgery, yet, so I will look forward to what you think of it.