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You did better than me, then ...
Lillelara 4 years ago
During the hot summer time I didn´t do any kind of house cleaning. So it was about time to do something ;).
Who wants to clean house when it's closer to 40C than 30C outside?!

But, yeah, my place looks the part, too. The problem is that I really also need to get that shelving thing under control; if I don't, any and all other efforts are bound to remain pure cosmetics ...
Lillelara 4 years ago
Not enough shelf space?
In both senses. (Space *for* shelves and place *on* shelves.)
Lillelara 4 years ago
Ugh, sounds horrible. Especially the "not having space for shelves" bit.
I'm down to experimenting with "creative" solutions ... now if only I had the time to actually invest the time this would take to implement! (Sigh.)
Abandoned by user 4 years ago
I am so ready for the fall because I am sick of the heat and am ready to do fall cleanup. But I am also not ready for the fall, because it means that my daughter is moving 2,000 miles away.

I have a theory that all readers love fall the most. For me, fall will always mean beginnings, not endings, so I do my major cleaning/organizing/decorating in the fall. I think it's the influence of all of those new school years - fall seems full of possibility.
I'm born in the fall, so I am bound to like it on those grounds alone ... mostly the Indian summer variety, though, I admit.
Lillelara 4 years ago
I love fall, too. It´s the start of the windy season here up north and there is nothing like reading a book while a storm is raging outside.

Not sure if we are going to have an Indian summer this year, Themis. Especially where I live some trees already have a very autumnal appearance due to the lack of rain :(. And that is a shame. I love it when all the leaves have those beautiful colors.
Oh yes, the same is true here as well. Including in our own garden, which usually is a joy year-round -- but right now, it's a mixture of brown grass and trees with an increasing amount of profoundly dead, paperish-brown leaves limply hanging (and ultimately falling) off their branches.
MikeDI 4 years ago
Congrats on your completion. I thought my 40 was a lofty goal, but 52! You go, lillelara! It's interesting to review the books you've read and see how many came out that year, were on your list forever, and how many 'older' books you found. Of course now you've got to up it in 2019. I mean it's only August!