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Elentarri's Book Blog 4 years ago
Well, the book is titled "THE HOBBIT", not the adventures of Thorin and Gang of Dwarves. ;)
Gandalf is pretty useless in this one too. Look at it as an old fashioned kiddies comedy novel. I actually liked the graphic novel of this as well.
Lillelara 4 years ago
Gandalf at least saves their lives twice, so I wouldn´t say he is completely useless ;). The dwarves, however ... I don´t think they would have gotten out of the Shire without the help of someone.
Portable Magic 4 years ago
The certainly aren't the grim warrior race of LotR. But I'm very fond of Balin, and Bombur 100% is who I'd be, if I were a dwarf on an adventure.
Lillelara 4 years ago
I like Balin the best, too. Bombur ... I kind of feel bad for him, because of the constant referring to his body weight. Well, at least the others don´t leave him behind, so I guess they at least care about him.