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BrokenTune 2 years ago

What time was this set in? Did this have a Gothic feel to it? If so, I am curious to know if this was as horribad as Wakenhyrst. Tho, on second thought, it can't have been because you read this one to the end.
Lillelara 2 years ago
It´s set in the present time and it doesn´t have a gothic feel to it whatsoever.

And ah, Wakenhyrst, that book was so bad I ditched it within the first 20 pages or so. As much as you blame Ruth Ware for writing absolutely bloody stupid stories, she does have an engaging writing style.
Abandoned by user 2 years ago

Lillelara 2 years ago

What really bugged me about this "twist" is the fact that this revelation doesn´t have any kind of impact upon the story. Why did we have to know that? I really don´t get it.
Abandoned by user 2 years ago
It just gives the sexual harassment thing a new, and slightly more disturbing, element. Only slightly, though, because the whole thing was already so disturbing. And stupid. It happened on the first night she was there, IIRC. Men who are harassers are usually smooth enough and practiced enough to engage in some grooming and preparation before actually putting their hands on their targets.

I really just know the barebones of the ending, though, because like I said, I hated the book, so I DNF'd with spoilers for myself.
Lillelara 2 years ago
Yep, on the first night and it´s not been the first time that she has been in that kind of situation. And he wasn´t subtle at all. He was a creep, tbh.
But I felt that this whole harassment thing was merely another plot device that the author needed to push the story in the direction she wanted.