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Would this fix or add to the issue of duplicates and false leads showing up on your shelves here? When I imported, as I went through shelves (and still do), I keep finding one of two things: One, books that are not mine (as in I never read or added them to a shelf in GR but somehow appeared here and I've had to delete); two, books that show as duplicates (i.e I have the same book twice). So I guess I am asking how much would doing this mess up what you already have here? On the other hand, I am a bit conflicted on this. I did come here b/c I wanted to get away from GR (though I am finding that for my review work, I may not be able to totally leave GR), but that is a separate story.
P.S. Still, for those wanting to keep GR, this looks good. If nothing else, it is good to see you guys always working on new stuff.
BookLikes 8 years ago
1) Synchronization does not work backwards, it's active only from the moment you connect your GR account on BookLikes. So this feature won't mess up with your books. If you want to edit your imported books, please go to your Import Page where you can change book editions and/or remove them: . You can also batch edit your books in Shelf table view - editing is much easier and faster then. 2) You don't have to connect to Goodreads, it's an option for those who want to be active on both services. If you do not connect to Goodreads in Settings, no data will be send and all your books and reviews will stay on your BookLikes webpage.
Ohh, I think you guys mentioned that batch edit thing before (and I probably forgot). Overall, very cool. Thanks for the reply.
Very good! It would be great if non-BookLikes members who visit our blog pages could leave comments on our posts. I have non-members commenting on Twitter link rather than my page. I hope this will be an update in the near future.
Dawid Piaskowski 8 years ago
Good one! ->ToDo :-)
Reading the Bricks 8 years ago
Just to clarify, is this feature only Booklikes -> GR, and not also GR -> Booklikes? I tend to use the GR app more than the website, so I would still have to update in both places (for now), right?
Dawid Piaskowski 8 years ago
It's only BL->GR not the other side. You use GR app for scanning book
Reading the Bricks 8 years ago
Only occasionally. I use the GR app to keep track of my pages read and update my progress with comments (usually snarky ones...). Since I don't usually read near a computer, I use the app to update on the fly.
Live Love Laugh 8 years ago
I think this is a great move. I go to both sites to share, update and read reviews.
bookfiend151 8 years ago
I am so excited about this! IT will help me to get my friends over here. I love love love BL and think the layout is so much better than GR, but that's what people are used to, so the sync will help tons!
The GR to booklikes sync doesn't seem to work for me. I have added new books to shelves and removed them from GR shelves, but I do not see a change on my booklikes page.
Alright, my bad.
The synchronisation button seems to have disappeared from settings/import. I would like to synchronise my books to Goodreads. What do I do?