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It looks like we now have the ability to edit the order of the books on our list. Thanks!
Jessica (HDB) 4 years ago
It's just a small thing, but could we possibly have a little text box to put a description of the list? :) Thank you!
Can we reorder the books on a list we already made?
Jessica (HDB) 4 years ago
In the right sidebar, where it says "My Lists" just click edit next to the list you want to work on :). I think you can reorder them that way. I know you can add books.
Yeah I was able to reorder books by dragging and dropping when I clicked to edit my list. This was good because when I originally made the list it did not save the books in the order I added them, so I fixed it today.
BookLikes 4 years ago
Thank for this suggestion :)
Degrees of Affection 4 years ago
Thank you! I was hoping we'd get the chance to do this. Can't wait to play with the reading lists more.
Totally +Infinity to what Obsidian is saying.
The layout is noxious, in your face, tacky and feels like a hammer to the head.
Please relegate it to a sidebar or something!
And the least that could have been done is to tailor it to our basic "needs". I speak english and have noted that as my primary language, so why do things in Polish appear in this new conflab?
I have also noted what Genres I'm interested in, so why do things appear that aren't in those genres?

I feel like I've been handed a hand grenade and told "good luck!"...
BookLikes 4 years ago
Sorry :/ We're still working on this feature. We're now in the process of adding "Hide" option. We'll be also presenting personalized settings for these boxes really soon. So sorry for inconvenience.
thank you for the quick response.
Calyre 4 years ago
How many books can we add to the maximum in a list?
And a description box as well will be nice. Thanks ^_^
BookLikes 4 years ago
Hi, there's no limit of books in the reading list :) And thank you for a description suggestion.
Calyre 4 years ago
It's strange because I can't add more than 498 books in my list :( It's a private list.
BookLikes 4 years ago
So sorry for the confusion. For the technical reasons we had to limit the listing to 500 books in the reading lists. One more time sorry.