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BookLikes 7 years ago
Click the little square icon next to the main menu, you'll see Notifications and Messages on the top - click Messages and you'll be on the messages page, OR use this link OR go to a blog page of the person you want to stay in touch and click the envelop icon - you'll be moved to the messages page. In case of any questions, just let us know.
BookLikes 7 years ago
We can see the messages icon on your blog, it's there. To change your messages settings, go to the messages page: and click Settings icon on the right, then select from whom you'd like to receive messages, e.g. only Followings - then you'll receive messages only from blogs you follow and see on your Dashboard.
Jessica (HDB) 7 years ago
Thanks for this! I like having the option to choose who can message me.
7 years ago
Thank you!
LunaLuss 7 years ago
ah, nice! Thanks
Silver's Reviews 7 years ago
I don't see the envelope on my blog either. I only see it on other blogs.
BookLikes 7 years ago
The icon is there, we've checked. The send option is visible for your BL blog guest. To set your preferences go to settings on the message page.
Silver's Reviews 7 years ago
Ok..I will look again but only see it on other blogs not mine. THANK YOU.

I did do settings/Message.

Silver's Reviews 7 years ago
Ok...thank you. Whew...that clears that up. :)
Degrees of Affection 7 years ago
Thanks so much for this! I like being able to choose who can contact me.