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Bookloving writer 4 years ago
This is great. Could you add support for Wordpress blogs as well? I mean the self-hosted ones, but many people have too. I usually crosspost reviews and book-related posts between Booklikes, my Wordpress homepage and my Dreamwidth journal.
Lornographic Material 4 years ago
I second this emotion. I'm not a huge fan of Blogger (though its addition is a good thing), and would hate to move after five years with Wordpress.

Anyway, please take Bookloving Writer's suggestion into consideration for future updates. Thanks :)
BookLikes 4 years ago
Wordpress is on our list :)
Lornographic Material 4 years ago
Thank you very much. :)
SilverThistle 4 years ago
All kinds of wonderful!

Is there any way to get it to publish retrospectively? For the posts I've already made in BL?
BookLikes 4 years ago
For the time being this sync works for the new posts; we'll think about the solution, though.
Mona Hanna 4 years ago
Can we export our BookLikes shelves yet?
BookLikes 4 years ago
This option is on its way.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 4 years ago
Yay! Having a way to back up all my data is always helpful!
Mona Hanna 4 years ago
When is it coming? I sent an email about this months ago and you said it was coming back then. Can you give us a time frame for when this feature will be available?
This makes life much easier! Thank you...
Is there a plan to make it work Blogger -> BL? And does the new option of BL -> Blogger also work to create a draft post instead of publishing immediately?
the draft option is over at Blogger when you setup the email option. I just saw it when I set things up, but can't remember exactly where it was...
Oooh, nice!! Draft would be perfect. I'll go take a look!
BookLikes 4 years ago
Yes, you can choose Save to Draft in your Blogger's settings, then the BL posts will be saved in Drafts of your Blogger's blog. For the time being only one way sync is possible.
BookLikes 4 years ago
We're working on other synchronizations, including Tumblr :)
Bibliophilic Madness 4 years ago
Hi I would like to ask if there's a way where you can post something ON BLOGGER FIRST then have it show up on Booklikes.
BookLikes 4 years ago
Hi, for the time being only one way synchronization is possible, from BookLikes to Bloggers. The other way around sync does not totally depends on us but also on the other side and site.