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BookLikes 9 years ago
Thank you for your remarks. Each change and releases require complex work and edits concerning the whole service, we understand your view and we know your stand. We believe that the present tool bring clear and transparent way of using reblog option, we'll be of course implementing further improvements and when a new update concerning this matter will be brought to BookLikes, you'll be the first one to know.
I'm actually quite fond of the greater transparency. And while I've never minded if my reviews are reblogged or not, I understand why some of my friends do care a great deal. Although HFK has been one of the most outspoken critics of the reblogging reviews features, I know I've had other friends who have not liked the reblogging of reviews.

I do hope that one of the future updates is a way to block reblogging of reviews, for those who care to use the option.

See, it doesn't bother me. In my mind it's unlikely that I'll overlap 100% with another blogger, so it's a conversation that's happening that otherwise wouldn't have happened, unless all those people stumble on my blog.

You, for example, do get more activity than I do. Should you reblog one of my posts, I'd be fine with that. I'd be interested in the conversation, so I tend to leave a note like, 'thanks for the reblog' to get the updates, but that fixes it for me. But even if I posted that blog, and you didn't reblog, the activity wouldn't come to my blog. It just wouldn't. So i don't see it as taking activity away from anyone else; it just wouldn't happen. Likes, activity, whatever, I'm just here to talk books, book related issues - and sometimes not book related issues - with my friends. I'm pretty easygoing about the whole thing otherwise.

I know the reblogging is an issue for you, and like I'd suspected, many others simply want an option to turn off reblogs. Honestly, I'm fine with whatever makes everyone comfortable. In fact, I hope they give us that option to make you and others comfortable.
That's true. I still think it holds true, that the conversation likely wouldn't have happened anyway. It's just the way I see it, but I also understand why this upsets so many people.

And agreed. Even if they turned off reblogging completely, I'd be fine with that. Like I said, easy going about it all. I think a button to prevent reblogs, or a choice to not allow reblogs, would be beneficial to those who want that, and wouldn't make any difference to those would want to keep reblogs as an option for their stuff. I don't see a downside for any of the bloggers.

The real question is, as you say, if there's a benefit to BL for the reblogs. I'm wondering if it's about increasing pages to hopefully increase traffic. Or maybe it's like they said: the change in the code might need to be changed gradually?

Ah, I'm kinda believing the second because I want to believe you'll get the no-reblog option!
Your words in God's and BL's ears then! :)
Murder by Death 9 years ago
My attitude is similar to Grimlock's but if (when) BL adds the ability to turn-off re-blogging, I'd take advantage of it. I don't think I'd get upset if someone re-blogged a review of mine (it has never happened) but I think I'd just prefer they didn't.
Murder by Death 9 years ago
LOL... I think I know what you were trying to get at (I lose my point often). I agree, comments on re-blogs going to the original poster's review page would be a really nice way to encourage new users and quickly integrate them into the community. I've seen a few of my GR friends come over here and open accounts, only to abandon them, and I've often wondered if it was because they were missing out on the interaction. I've always figured that was why BL started new accounts with the 25 "followings", as a way to get new users started.

I have a feeling that re-directing comments and likes is probably pretty complicated from a back-end standpoint, though. If someone asked me what my priority was, I'd put it on being able to disable the re-blog function for reviews; redirecting comments and likes would be icing - very, very nice, sophisticated, icing. :)
Amen to HFK and Grand World of Books -- I totally agree. I decided no longer to post full reviews, but merely brief intros, on BookLikes when I had a review reblogged last year and the reblogger didn't remove it even though I asked her to do so, several times.

And I won't go back to posting reviews here unless and until an option to block reviews from being reblogged is introduced.

My reviews are my thoughts and my intellectual property, period.

Sharing / reblogging other, non-proprietarial content is fine. Reblogging reviews is not.

I love the community here, and I love how responsive the BookLikes team is in many other respects. But this is a *huge* issue to me, and it's a key reason why I've also cut down on my overall activity on this site. Until and unless there is a "block reblog" option, anybody interested in my reviews will continue to be directed elsewhere to read them (to Leafmarks and to my own website).
Well, I for one am not playing ...

Carpe Librum 9 years ago
Doesn't this update say that reblogged reviews no longer appear on the book pages or get included in calculating star ratings? I understand that is not the only issue some have with reblogging reviews, but it looks like this problem, at least, has been dealt with.
Abandoned by user 9 years ago
Duh. Yes, it does. I missed it! I am going to delete my comment. Thanks for pointing that out! (I feel silly).
Carpe Librum 9 years ago
Don't feel silly. Sometimes these posts contain so much at once that it is difficult to catch it all. I was making sure I understood it correctly myself. :-)
Abandoned by user 9 years ago
Thanks! I know have a different question, though. Reblogs of this post seem to be stuck at the top of my feed. Is anyone else having that problem?
Carpe Librum 9 years ago
Yes, they are on mine as well.
Jessica (HDB) 9 years ago
Hi BL! *waves* There's a time stamp issue with these reblogs. The time stamp doesn't change from when the person posted so (since I'm PST) some of the posts are showing as being posted at 5pm tonight PST. It's only 11:10am PST here. That means they'll sit at the top of my feed until 5pm tonight. Can we get a fix on that? :)
Familiar Diversions 9 years ago
I'm seconding Jessica, and adding that, although most of the reblogs I've seen have sorted correctly once the time on their time stamp has finally happened, I've got one that appears to be stuck at the top of my dashboard, even though it's not more than 4 hours past what its time stamp says and newer posts have been published since then.

Other than this, I'm liking the new change so far. It's even easier to tell when posts are reblogs, and I like that they won't be showing up on the book pages.
BookLikes 9 years ago
So sorry :/ We're working to fix it.
Jessica (HDB) 9 years ago
Just as an update, it looks like the reblog on my page updated the time stamp! So yay! Unfortunately, it's still stuck up top. Lol. Thanks for working on this!
Sigh. Thank you! Especially for not giving up on this ... while for myself, I just decided to, well, not walk away entirely, but severely curtail my participation here as a reaction to that experience ...
Carpe Librum 9 years ago
I was flattered when a couple of my reviews were reblogged. Clearly, you guys are much deeper thinkers than I am. ;-)
bookaneer 9 years ago
I chased down most of the reblogs of my reviews--I used to use custom css for spoilertags, and reblogs stripped the css and left all my spoilers out in the open, ready to spoil someone's day. If this still copies the entire review to someone else's blog, I'll have to continue doing manual chasedowns. How about exposing only up to the pagebreaks in reblogs?
bookaneer 9 years ago
I'd really prefer the change HFK is suggesting as well.