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Trillian 10 years ago
Great idea :) I already set mine to 50.
Cool! Thank you for this feature.
LyraLaJeune 10 years ago
Great idea! But wouldn't it make more sense to show everyone's progress in his/her BL-blog so that everybody was immediately able to see it? Or is there a function like that I just missed?
BookLikes 10 years ago
We'll be adding this function along with blog design customization, then it will be possible to make visible widgets of reading challenge or/and giveaway you host on your BookLikes page. We hope to release this function really soon :)
Lari's Bookshelf 10 years ago
Excellent, and fun! Now let's see if I get in over my head . . . :)
Is there anyway to see what books you've read for the challenge? Or more importantly, for other people's challenge? It was neat way to surf for books I was interested in on the Goodreads page, and was just wondering if you were planning on adding it at some point.
BookLikes 9 years ago
We'll definitely make that more explicit. Thank you. Now you can move to Read Shelf and sort it by Read Date to see books with this year's finish date first.