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BookLikes 9 years ago
:-) Have fun!
Well done!!!
BookLikes 9 years ago
Thanks :-) Can't wait to see your interpretation :-)
consoul 9 years ago
Great ideas! Now it is really easy to create my own blog-wallpaper.
Garrulous & Bookish 9 years ago
It looks great! I am going to have to play around with it :)
BookLikes 9 years ago
Yeah! Go creative! :)
suzy vitello 9 years ago
Nice! Must do this!
The Silent Whispers 9 years ago
To Miss Reader. I understand. I feel that I have also been getting some strange followers.
The Silent Whispers 9 years ago
Oups, I meant to also mention thanks to the Booklikes team for allowing us to customize.
LaneLikes 9 years ago
i'd love to be able to change the description color. the gray doesn't work for all possible headr images.
BookLikes 8 years ago
To make background pic static, see this DIY instruction:

To change color of blog name and description, paste:
div.header-desc { color: #FF0F3F; }
in Custom Css section; the part "#FF0F3F" is color number.

More tutorials on customization can be found here:

on your Dashboard when you write Tutorials in Tag Search box.
BookLikes 8 years ago
:) One more time warm welcome, hope you'll find BL engaging and enjoyable.
BookLikes 8 years ago
LOL :) We love fantasy so monsters aren't scary for us ;-) Wow, all avatars look awesome! Our tip: to know more bloggers and find new blogs to follow and to be followed, go to Explore page
It's a Books World 8 years ago
I want to change the font in my blogpost to a smaller size... how do I do that? ( I want to keep my theme)
BookLikes 8 years ago
To make the font in your post smaller, click HTML icon in writing post box and add tags with your text between: ...... Once saved, the text should be much smaller.