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Chris Blocker 8 years ago
It's great to hear you've made changes to the comments, allowing users to create paragraphs, but isn't this backwards from standard practice? Normally, Shift+Enter creates another line, at least on many of the sites and programs I use. I'm going to try it now...
Yeah, that works. It'll take some getting used to, though. THANK YOU for making this change.
8 years ago
I agree with Literary Snob. A standard practice already exists, why try to change it? Certainly it isn't too late or too difficult to change BL to conform with the exist common practice
I have to also chime in on the odd choice of ENTER+SHIFT to send - I've been using SHIFT+ENTER for line breaks in text boxes and ENTER to send since late 90's
Jessica (HDB) 8 years ago
*applauds* Love the new stuff. Keep it coming!
BookLikes 8 years ago
Sorry guys for this confusion. Following your suggestions, we made changes in comments (again). SHIFT+ENTER is for line breaks; ENTER is for publication as you requested :)
8 years ago
Thank you! (and the added instruction in the comment box is very helpful, as well).