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8 years ago
Echoing my remarks from last Thursday, I am:
1. So happy to see these posts again!
2. Happy to see BL running properly again.
BookLikes 8 years ago
Thank you, Char :)
8 years ago
What Char said!
Yey!! Thursday goodies are back!! *TA Happy dance*
Murder by Death 8 years ago
:D :D :D Thursdays just got brighter again! Woot!
Jennifer's Books 8 years ago
The return of the Thursday posts are a very welcome sight!
What happens when only BL can help and they won't? As much help as the community, especially MbD, has given me, they simply can't fix the problem. BL REFUSES to get their programmers to fix it, and since it's in code I don't have access to, I can't do anything.

And yes, I've posted on bug reports. "Sorry," doesn't actually fix my problem so I have no help. Kate can pass along information as well, and I thank her for doing that in the past, but it's still been a MONTH with no resolution.

So the only outlet I even have is letting you know. Nothing else works, but you seemed upset enough to actually talk to me when I posted on the last blog post. Perhaps publicly calling you out for this will work. If not, at least I tried.

And yes, I'm still crying, I'm still bouncing between themes, and I'm still upset. I don't really want to hear that you're sorry. It's a coding issue, someone has shown you where the issue was, I posted a picture of that. It shouldn't be that hard to fix.
BookLikes 8 years ago
We agree that Murder by Death blogger is a great person, amazing contributor and huge community support. Thank you so so much for being part of BookLikes community, MbD!

As for the blog issues, we'll keep you updated and informed as soon as we get more information.

I spent close to two hours w/ MbD getting things fixed via a hack in the coding. And then recoding everything as I forgot the css customization. Since you couldn't do it, someone else did. Despite what MbD says, I want things the way they are. The qlternative is you mucking about with my blog and then me having to code - which makes my eyes bleed - or waiting another two months to get things done.

No worries, I won't rely on your IT department for anything. I can't at this point. Please drop it. If you mess around and my coding goes poof, I will copy all my reviews and get the flark out of here.
BookLikes 8 years ago
We hear you. No edits will be made to your blog. Any futher information will be sent directly.
Murder by Death 8 years ago
@Grim - I wasn't suggesting they *do* anything to your blog. If you read the note I posted in Bug Reports, I suggested it stay on the list to LOOK at, because we both know you weren't the only one with this issue. And at some point in the future someone might have it again. IT can look at your directory and possibly diagnose what happened without actually touching or changing anything. I get you don't want them to do anything - if I were you I wouldn't want anyone touching my site either after all the frustration of getting it working right again. But they need to know it's there in case someone else out there is having the same problem and DO want it fixed.
Fair enough. I'm just worried that they will actually do something to the blog. I wanted to let them know I wanted nothing done so that's clear.