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Murder by Death 12 months ago
Ok, that cat page holder is cool - and it would be so useful in the kitchen and in bed at night. The transparent page is brilliant - I don't think I'd use it as much as the cat, because I'm not a note-taker, but I know so many people who'd like that and use the heck out of it. :)

And who doesn't need more bookshelves???

Great post - surprises coming you say? Hmmm.... :)
BookLikes 12 months ago
Thank you. And yes, more are on its way and we cannot wait! :D
I would have used that transparent page a ton when I was still in school.
BrokenTune 12 months ago
Great post! The cat page holder is awesome. As is the transparent page, though I would not use it...I prefer a scribble in the book (ok, give me that disdainful look if you like...). As for the shelf, it is cute but doesn't look like it is tough enough books.
BookLikes 12 months ago
Thank you :) And we can assure that the shelf is tough enough, but we'll double check to make sure :)
Cute. I'm sure there must be some market for these things, although the shelves rely on having a free wall to put them on.
BookLikes 12 months ago
Oh yes, the space issue is a problem in book lover's life. Maybe we should think of a shelf that's coming down from a ceiling -- that's some extra space that can be used ;-)
I've contemplated that actually. No great feats of engineering yet though.
BookLikes 12 months ago
We'll find a way ;)
I've been scared of those hanging shelves ever since I saw an episode of Changing Rooms where one failed catastrophically.
BrokenTune 12 months ago
Yeah, I'm not sure about the shelves either.
Murder by Death 12 months ago
I always need more shelves, but Lora's got a valid point about wall space. I have the wall space above my book cases (super high ceilings) but to put shelves up there I'd need them to be much longer and deeper. And anchored into the plaster. I grew up with drywall, so I don't do DIY that involves my plaster walls. :D
No, leave plaster walls alone! (Experience from my grandparents' house. They used suspension wires to hang pictures for a reason - don't mess with plaster walls.)
Love the cat page holder. My first thought was, ooh that'll be great in the kitchen when I'm trying to keep my recipe books open.
BookLikes 12 months ago
Yeah, we thought the same! :) Glad you like it!
Midu Reads 12 months ago
I love the transparent note taker (boring I know but I love taking notes lol)
BookLikes 12 months ago
Thanks! We totally get you, we're note takers too :)
Kaethe 12 months ago
I'm not a note taker and don't have any wall space left, but I love the cat.
BookLikes 12 months ago
We too, it was our first Awww! Or maybe meow ;)
aimeeerickson 12 months ago
I like the cat, but since I prefer paperbacks above all, I don't think it'd do much for me. I've found that most such items will hold the top or bottom of the book open only, so my pages end up in a vee, if it works at all.
BookLikes 12 months ago
It's worth a try :)
Char's Horror Corner 12 months ago
I NEED the cat page holders. Now. :)
BookLikes 12 months ago
Roger that. We love that you love it :D
Rane Aria 12 months ago
Where were those transparent scrap page when I was in college? That would have been perfect in my business classes and math!
Jessica (HDB) 12 months ago
That's exactly what my first thought was!
BookLikes 12 months ago
If we could send them back in time, we would definitely do that ;) But we bet they can come in handy nowadays as well.
Yodamom Finds her Force 12 months ago
Love the cat ! Need the cat. :D Really it is so cool
BookLikes 12 months ago
Bark's Book Reviews 12 months ago
The cat stopper is adorable. I need to have one or maybe ten.
BookLikes 12 months ago
Great to hear that you like it :)
Jennifer's Books 12 months ago
The cat stopper is too cute! I wouldn't mind having one of those myself.
BookLikes 12 months ago
Great to hear that!
C. P. Lesley 12 months ago
Often need to take notes, hate to write on books—notation pages are inspired. And I am a cat person from way back: just sayin'.

Always need new bookshelves too, although I'd wait on those just to see. Best is to have Booklikes back and functional, y'know! :-)
BookLikes 12 months ago
Thank you :) :)
Lost in Libraries 12 months ago
The cat page holder is nice... too bad I'm more of a dog person lol
BookLikes 12 months ago
Myeazel 12 months ago
I can't tell if the cat holder is weighted; it seems to be made of plastic. Don't think I'd use that. The note pages are absolutely the best, especially in different sizes.
BookLikes 12 months ago
Thank you for your remarks :)