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BrokenTune 1 year ago
Thanks Grim - this is a fab post!

And thanks BL for this week's series of why we love .... books. It's been great.
Thank you!
Yes, thanks Booklikes!
Absolutely. It's been lovely writing for them, and then in turn reading what everyone else wrote!
Tigus 1 year ago
I thought you, in particular, might enjoy this. And feel free to dish about DC; between us I'm a novice when it comes to that company!
Tigus 1 year ago
don't forget Omega Men, by your boy King.
I'm actually, surprisingly, not enjoying Omega Men. It feels overly convoluted. I am glad you enjoyed it, but I'm also having a hard time believing King wrote this!
Tigus 1 year ago
oopsy. well, I'm glad this has come up before a scathing review appears, or you abandon it to limbo (it's fairly long, and would be a slog for someone not enjoying it). the suspense ends. anyway, this is the way it goes sometimes. I liked it, but I read the earlier Omega Men stuff a long time ago, and was glad to have them back in what I felt was a complex but entertaining reboot. on to the next!
I have it in paperback. It's not that I hate it, or that it's going to be a truly scathing review, although I will point out that it's not so overly convoluted that it killed it for me: I understand why they had to trick Green Lantern, but man, it's long. I've been reading steadily for bits, then reading something else, then coming back. It's about two thirds done - and I plan on finishing it.

I also think, and I will point this out in my review, that knowing nothing about the Omega Men didn't help: I felt no connect to this reboot, and that undoubtedly didn't help my feelings of 'meh!'

I'll try to finish before Readercon, otherwise it'll probably be my 'waiting in line to register' read!
I concur with BT, I've been looking forward to these posts each day :-)
As have I. They're as much fun to read as to write!
Yay, it's up!
Moonlight Reader 1 year ago
Great post! These have all been so much fun to read!
Thank you!
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
Wow, amazing post, Grim! I didn't realize there were Edward Scissorhand comics, nor a Spike mini-series. I have a lot of catching up to do.
Both Scissorhands and Spike were loads of fun. They both exist, and they are both put out by my favorite media tie-in graphic novel publisher: IDW comics.
Awesome post, Grim! Well done!
Thank you.
As soon as I saw this up I knew it would be you,Grim! Great read,congratulations for it.
I wanted to scream it from the rooftops: I was so excited. But I wanted it to be a little bit of a surprise, too.

And thank you!

Great job, Grim!
Thank you!
charlton 1 year ago
Great post,GrimI
Thank you!
Tea, Rain, Book 1 year ago
Great post Grim!
Thank you!
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Excellent post Grim! A really great primer for someone looking for a starting point.

Thanks again Booklikes, for doing this. It's been fun!
Thank you! Glad to hear it might help someone out. Always glad to spread the love of comics :D
Midu Reads 1 year ago
Fun post. Thanks, Grim! You know I have saved your comic recs on an excel sheet, right? :D
I didn't, but that's very exciting! And thank you. I hope you have a lot to add now! And I'm more than happy to share more if you want. Just lemme know.
Midu Reads 1 year ago
Will do. Thanks!
MMarte 1 year ago
Great post!
Thank you!
Rachel's books 1 year ago
Wow! That's a lot of information that I never knew! Great job!!
Thank you!
As the page turns.. 1 year ago
Fantastic post Grim! Well done!
Thank you :D