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Moonlight Reader 11 months ago
Thanks for the signal boost! I want to give a shout-out to my co-conspirator and game-play partner in crime Obsidian Blue, as well! You can find her here:
Obsidian Blue 11 months ago
Thanks for the shout out Booklikes and Moonlight!
BookLikes 11 months ago
Thank you! We've edited the info giving the credit to both of you. Amazing work! :D
Debbie's Spurts 11 months ago
Bridget Reads 11 months ago
Wow, if I wasn't already in too many challenges (4), I'd do this. I'm already over my head as is..Well, it feels that way anyway. :-)
Portable Magic 11 months ago
Holy cow! I picked a good day to check back in on BL. Now I need to catch up on this so I can play!