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The Quilty Reader 1 year ago
Thanks for the signal boost! I want to give a shout-out to my co-conspirator and game-play partner in crime Obsidian Blue, as well! You can find her here:
Obsidian Blue 1 year ago
Thanks for the shout out Booklikes and Moonlight!
BookLikes 1 year ago
Thank you! We've edited the info giving the credit to both of you. Amazing work! :D
Bridget Blogs Books 1 year ago
Wow, if I wasn't already in too many challenges (4), I'd do this. I'm already over my head as is..Well, it feels that way anyway. :-)
Portable Magic 1 year ago
Holy cow! I picked a good day to check back in on BL. Now I need to catch up on this so I can play!