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There is no 'meh' emoticon, but there is a 'Terminator' emoticon.

Which I use if I ever use an emoticon.
Murder by Death 6 years ago
Terminator seems strong for 'meh' but I definitely need to remember it's there for those books that make me want to hurt them. I always look for the obvious (hate, angry, etc) and get frustrated that they aren't there; I need to think more creatively because I'm missing some pretty clever ways of expressing my displeasure. Like Terminator. :D
Debbie's Spurts 6 years ago
I sometimes use the "misdoubt" or "?" emoticons for certain flavors of "meh" ; I'd like to have a "disappointed" emoticon. And more genre related ones for mysteries, romances, etc.
I don't mean for meh. If I ever need to feel anything with an emoticon, I use Terminator. Because yay robots.

I more meant I can live without meh, but I will fight for my Terminator emoticon.

And as for the post you've put up, Jenn, yes, thank you! You're always so helpful.
Murder by Death 6 years ago
No way should we get rid of the terminator - but I could get mileage out of a meh one too. But I do need to be more clever with what is there.
Hey, if people want a meh, I say give it to 'em!

I'll stick with my porny emoticon...
Bark at the Ghouls 6 years ago
Great job, Jenn!
Murder by Death 6 years ago
Thanks. :)

(I'm trying to ignore the 'it's' that should have been 'its' that I missed before I handed this over to Kate...)
Debbie's Spurts 6 years ago
Excellent posts.

I also use the exclusive shelf for abandoned/DNF books, samples/excerpts, "not for me" and for other reasons.

DNF'ed books just don't fit Read/Currently-Reading/Planning-to-read. And I don't want to confuse a downloaded book sample with the actual book.

The "not for me" is important to me because if I once found a book intriguing or interesting form a booklikes post or other sources -- I'll look at it again and again unless I shelved it as one I already decided not to read. Particularly if the book changes covers a lot (which a lot of today's authors do very frequently) where posts now are showing what looks like a different book. Ditto if I read a sample so know I don't want to read the book -- shelve it so I don't download and read the sample again or buy the book.

I love that booklikes doesn't require us just to have three book status shelves or restrict us only to shelves considered to be "book promotional" and "positive" shelvings. It's actually a feature I test before joining any book sites.
Murder by Death 6 years ago
I'd planned on using the DNF shelf as an example, but started stressing over how bloody long the post was, so I trimmed a bunch of stuff out and since DNF was the most negative of my examples, it got the cut - but I use it myself as an exclusive, which I did keep in my shelf screenshot. It's an excellent use of the the custom exclusive shelves, because there's nothing worse than accidentally re-reading a book you disliked the first time. :P
Debbie's Spurts 6 years ago
Or re-buying it because you forgot you gave away the first not-a-keeper one.

A good chunk of my DNF shelf isn't necessarily negative but rather the victims of misleading book descriptions or incorrect genre tags. I have less DNF books now that most have free samples/excerpts available.
BookLikes 6 years ago
Thank you for all all remarks :)