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Libromancer's Apprentice 11 months ago
Thank you for featuring my bookclub! I'll be so excited if more people come on board.
Bark's Book Reviews 11 months ago
Thanks for posting. I am ashamed to admit that I never realized book clubs were an organized thing here. I always thought people were just casually reading the same books and using the discussion boards!
Libromancer's Apprentice 11 months ago
Well, sometimes they are!
Tannat 11 months ago
Great post! One thing to add regarding the book club page: in addition to grouping all of the discussion posts and blog posts, you also see the review posts in the third, rightmost column (not present in the example for obvious reasons).
Murder by Death 11 months ago
Ah HAH! I KNEW there was a third column there and I couldn't remember what it was supposed to be, and then I started wondering if they'd removed it, or I just hallucinated it. Thanks for that Tannat! :)
Tannat 11 months ago
You're welcome. If you had posted a review for the book (I think it only counts posts from the start date), it would have shown up there.
Lost in Libraries 11 months ago
Just noticed I'm getting notifications about people I don't follow joining book clubs I'm not in. Why? I don't want to see that.
BookLikes 11 months ago
That is strange. Could you please send information to with details of the book club issues. Please include links and step by step description of what is happening.
So sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for alarming us, we'll check what's going on.