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BrokenTune 12 months ago
Hi Tigus! *waves*
Thanks for the great post. :D There is one thing, tho, I shook my head at:
"My little bitty blogs don't affect much of anything" - I have become the owner of various titles you either recommended or posted about - all of them have amazing covers. ;) So, you are definitely having an impact on my actual TBR.
Tigus 12 months ago
Hello! thanks!
Char's Horror Corner 12 months ago
Heyyyy, it's nice to see you!! Hello!
I know that I've added a few things due to your updates as well.
Tigus 12 months ago
Hey, I had to give them at least one photo of something.
Murder by Death 12 months ago
I won't ask where you work because privacy, but it looks cool! I see all sorts of tools and ... stuff. :) I could get lost in that room for many hours from the looks of it.
Tigus 12 months ago
Murder by Death 12 months ago
Oh - so many tiny bits and the tools to make things out of them! So. much. fun.

I was never into playing with dollhouses, but I always, always, wanted to check out how the little stuff was made.
Dollhouses! Oh, I loved those as a kid (one of my few concessions to being a girl) ... and like MbD, I loved the intricacy going into them, both into making the houses as such and into outfitting them with furniture etc.
Hello Tigus -- great answers, and nice to "meet" you!
Tigus 12 months ago
It's going to be a fun day for me at BookLikes, that's for sure. And thanks!
Way cool!
Murder by Death 12 months ago
"'s neat to see it up on someone's Planning To Read postings shortly after that (That was ME! I did that! They may not ever read it, but...I did that!)." This is me too - that tiny thrill when you see the book you've just talked about showing up on someone else's shelves. :)

Happy to get to know you a bit better Tigus! Great post (and I love reading your update posts about the classic mysteries, fyi).
Tigus 12 months ago
when I wrote that "That was ME! I did that!" bit--kind of silly and puffed-up, but a true emotion--I actually meant to mention how it reminded me of the scene in Steve Martin's film, The Jerk, where he sees his name in the phone book for the first time and flips out: "There I am! My name! I exist! Look, I'm a Somebody!" and then the scene cuts to some nutcase with a rifle flipping open the phone book to pick a victim at random with his eyes closed, and his finger lands right on Steve Martin's name..."sounds like a typical bastard!".
Murder by Death 12 months ago
Lol... yes the universe must have its balance. :P
Jennifer's Books 12 months ago
Great answers, Tigus! Hardy Boys (and Nancy Drew!) were the first mysteries I ever read. My sister and I each got several for Christmas one year when we were kids--all different titles too, so we could trade them back and forth.

Also, I really like how the questions are tailored to each user, and there's not a standard set of questions for everyone.
Tigus 12 months ago
I never read a Nancy Drew; I should read one, just to say I did it! but then I did move to a major female Mystery novelist while pretty young--Christie--so I don't feel too bad about completely bypassing Ms. Drew.
I recently started buying old books I used to read as a child Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys were a couple of them. I recently was able to find the first six of Nancy Drew and a few from Hardy Boys. I'd love to be able to find the whole collection eventually.
Tigus 12 months ago
I have no urge to buy any "childhood" books--but if I had kept anything, I wish I had all my books from the Three Investigators series. that became a big favorite; I thought the quality of the puzzles--not really murders, of course--was consistently high, for a YA series. ah, The Mystery Of The Dead Man's Riddle...maybe the best one!
Murder by Death 12 months ago
I wouldn't mind getting my hands on the original Encyclopaedia Browns.
No kidding that would be cool.
The Three Investigators -- oh yes! Those were a big childhood favorite of mine as well. And I also started reading Christie when I was pretty young -- my first-ever by her was "After the Funeral."
I believe my first was Murder on the Orient Express.
Started on a high note, then! :D
Murder by Death 12 months ago
I still haven't read Murder on the Orient Express (I'm saving it; god knows for what), but my first Christie was And Then There Were None. I think. Thinking back it might have been the Miss Marple short stories first, and then ATTWN; either way they were back to back.
Well, they don't come much better than that, either. I hope you won't be disappointed by "Orient Express" then ...
Midu Reads 12 months ago
Hi Tigus! *waves*
Tigus 12 months ago
hey, I'm up late tonight--but hi back, just before I shut down for the night!
Oooh! I remembered reading Tales of the 4th Grade Nothing when I was little! Great interview!
Great interview! I really love this Follow Friday feature! It is so nice getting to know new bloggers to follow, and in this case getting to better know one that I am already a fan/follower of! I adore your quote selection as well.