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Punya Reviews... 4 weeks ago
Thanks for featuring me Booklikes (and Kate). It was really fun! :)
Great interview. (P.S. It's "desert island." The fun of English spelling - not!)
Punya Reviews... 4 weeks ago
I know. ;)

Thanks for stopping by. :D
Jennifer's Books 4 weeks ago
Great Q&A!! I really enjoyed reading your answers.
Punya Reviews... 4 weeks ago
Thank you Jennifer. :D Thanks for stopping by.
Murder by Death 4 weeks ago
I so enjoy these posts! Great interview - and Punya, I'm totally with you on that reading nook!
Punya Reviews... 4 weeks ago
Thanks... and OMG right? I went through pages of reading nooks but couldn't take my eyes off of that one. :D
Midu Reads 4 weeks ago
The reading nook looks so good! *sigh*
Punya Reviews... 4 weeks ago
Yeah, I know! I also love nature so that place would be heaven for me. I can even nap a little. hehe
I loved Wicked Intentions and Lisa Kleypas' Wallflower series! Great interview!
Punya Reviews... 2 weeks ago
Thanks Ronyell. Both are my favorite series. :D