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BrokenTune 10 months ago
No feature interview today? :(
Murder by Death 10 months ago
I know - I'm a little sad too. But at least we have more to look forward to. :)
Obsidian Blue 10 months ago
I think they are asking us to nominate someone.

How about Moonlight Reader! She be a fun person to feature!
Jessica (HDB) 10 months ago
I nominate Obsidian Blue! She and Moonlight Reader are the best, for constantly keeping us in fun games to play :).
Since they've both been nominated, and up to fourthed, I'm gonna nominate you: you came up with the book box swap and consistently run that.
Seconded -- both!
Totally love the idea of either/both Obsidian Blue and Moonlight Reader!
Jennifer's Books 10 months ago
Yes to both Obsidian Blue and Midnight Reader! Also Murder by Death!
Murder by Death 10 months ago
I'm going to nominate:
Rane Aria 10 months ago
I'm nominating three amazing BookLikes Bloggers who have made this such a fun place to return to time and again. Midnight Reader, Obsidian Blue and Murder by Death
Yodamom Finds her Force 10 months ago
I nominate SnoopyDoo's Book Reviews
Most of the ones I can think of have been mentioned, some even a couple time. I nominate
Midu Reads who is awesome to follow and a great supporter
Punya Reviews... 10 months ago
I see all the great bloggers here that have been nominated. I hope you all get featured cause this was such a fun thing to do! Personally, I now look forward to check out Follow Friday every week and was a bit bummed not seeing a post this week.

But even without, IF anyone is looking for a bit of push in followers, follow me on BL (or facebook or blogger, even goodreads if you want to). I always follow back. It's a token of my appreciation for the support, and for all the fellow book bloggers. :)
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