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That sounds like a super-delicious chili recipe -- thanks for sharing!

And I love your shelfies ... (so tell me again you have no sense of organization ;) ). Is that a fireplace next to the first one of them? Those red bricks look so warm and comfy ...
Portable Magic 6 months ago
I'm definitely trying the chili recipe, as soon as it gets cool enough here. And I agree that a few glugs of beer takes it to the next level.

I really like that wall-mounted bookshelf. I'm going to have to find one like it! Most "book" shelf units are really much too deep for books.
Book Cupidity 6 months ago
The chili is a favorite in the rotation. I hope you try it if that's your thing and alter it to make it your own! We made some over the weekend and we used a Medelo beer which is less hoppy than something like a pale ale so it was less noticeable. We also adjust the cayenne depending on who is eating. In my opinion, a little cayanne goes a long way and I like spicy/hot food in general.

It is a fireplace! And it is cozy. It's one of the reasons I bought my house. The two six foot shelves go on either side of it. I have a vaulted ceiling in that room and it's my dream to have floor to ceiling built in bookshelves built on either side. :)

The little wall mounted shelf is an "antique" passed down from my father-in-law. It was always called the "little library shelf", but I inherited it and love it too! It fits paperbacks in the very too too, but a.) I can't reach that shelf well ;) and b.) I fear over loading it.
Portable Magic 6 months ago
I tend to use a fairly light hand with the heat in my chili, because I find chili is always best on the second and third days after cooking, once the flavors all get a chance to interdigitate, and what's a good spice level right after cooking somehow gets hotter and hotter over time. My favorite beer for chili is Shiner Bock. I don't know why, but dark beer just tastes better, IMO.
Murder by Death 6 months ago
I'm the same Portable Magic - I love a good dark beer in my cooking (although can't actually stand the taste of beer to drink it). I use stouts in my beef stew recipe, and an English Bitter in my cottage pie.

This chili is definitely going to get a try here in chez chat fou - although we're finally starting to warm up, so it might be awhile (or not - in Melbourne you never know).
Book Cupidity 6 months ago
I rarely have a stout on hand because I don't enjoy drinking it? I typically just buy what I'll drink so that I can enjoy the rest of it. Still, I've heard too many people rave about stouts in stew and I've never had the opportunity to try it - I should just do it.

And Shiner Bock is a good one! I've been using mostly local brews recently - Boulevard to be exact.
Murder by Death 6 months ago
We're able to buy them by the can here, so we only just get one when we need one for cooking (MT is not a stout fan either). That does make a difference; otherwise, I'd be using Stella Artois or whatever else he had in the fridge. :)
"Chez Chat Fou" -- there should be a restaurant named like that. With a corresponding sign ...
BrokenTune 6 months ago
How are you a bad bibliophile? Is there such a person? Just look at all those neatly shelved lovelies!
Book Cupidity 6 months ago
Oh, these are my shelves. They didnt ask to see the random stacks of books everywhere, on the nightstand, dresser, nooks, crannies, closets...washing machine? Back seat of the car? Umm...stuck in boxes in the basement? Then double buying because you've forgotten that you had a book but it fell off a random stack and got shoved under the bed in a hustle.
Umm, I always thought these are the very things that define an ardent (i.e., good) bibliophile ... ?
BrokenTune 6 months ago
My thoughts exactly, TA.
Murder by Death 6 months ago
If you didn't have random stacks of books everywhere, I'd suspect those shelves of just being for show - they are way too neat and tidy looking. The stacks tell the viewer that you actually read those books! ;)

The shelves look great - and I'm so glad I'm not the only one that double buys books. Even though I keep lists and stuff. :P
Book Cupidity 6 months ago
The operative word here is 'good', LOL. I am an exuberant bibliophile and have no problem putting Don Delillo next to Sylvia Day, though they might disagree ;) I have maniac stacks and now that I've come clean, I'm glad to be among my people.
Char's Horror Corner 6 months ago
Okay, LOVE YOUR SHELVES!! Am I the only one turning my head sideways to see what's on there? I definitely see McCammon's They Thirst. In fact, that might be Night Boat and Boy's Life up there too. (My eyes aren't what they used to be!)

The chili sounds great .

It was nice learning more about you!
Book Cupidity 6 months ago
You would definitely find several in there that you are familiar with! The paperback shelf especially has a good amount of bagged books that you can't read the titles of in the picture. And yes, you spied the McCammon's!

Char's Horror Corner 6 months ago
And Swan Song! And is that Anno Dracula? LOL Sorry.
Book Cupidity 6 months ago
Yes :) The little shelf has a couple of books specific to Booklikers that I've picked up over the years, Anno Dracula being one. You can't tell in the pic, but there is a Graham Greene in there that I know I picked up because of Broken Tune. I could probably come up with several others too. :)
Midu Reads 6 months ago
Okay, so your bookshelves are beautiful! And I love your definition of "loose". From now on, that is what I will mean when I use the word lol
Book Cupidity 6 months ago
Do! We're all a bunch of book floozies around here and are proud of it!
Person Of Interest 6 months ago
Loved your 'loose' definition too! Thanks for sharing. It's nice getting to know a fellow BLer better. :)
Book Cupidity 6 months ago
Thanks, Person of Interest :)
Definitely trying that Chili recipe! Your bookshelves are divine, darling. So happy that BLs featured you and others can get an opportunity to see how awesome you are.
Book Cupidity 6 months ago
Oh, I hope you like it! I'm trying to think if there'd be any veggie substitutes for those could probably load up on veggies with the beans, but you'd want to *load up*. It's a very saucy chili.

And thank you, that's so sweet of you to say.

And, also? I cried about the Twins. Damn Yankees. I was so jubilant that first inning. And then frustrated - everyone swinging for the fences. Get 'em on, get 'em over, get 'em in!
Rachel's books 6 months ago
Thanks for including the recipe! I will be trying it. Nice shelfies!
Book Cupidity 6 months ago
Thanks, Rachel! :)
Murder by Death 6 months ago

Loved your answers, and your shelfies (of course) and that quote from Roosevelt has always been one of my favourites too. Wondering which other question you skipped though. ;)
Book Cupidity 6 months ago
Oh, I originally skipped the three favorite book covers. because I just don't have FAVORITE book covers, though I like a great many and many others appeal to me. Then I realized later (and Kate is a saint, let me tell you, so patient) that I *do* like stepback covers. There are so many that are silly and fun. Many of the throwback horror books have them too, but I can't really consider those my 'fav'.

And Don dos Sandos. I love his art. I know a lot of people don't love the Mercy covers because the model doesn't totally fit...but his art is gorgeous to me.
Murder by Death 6 months ago
I'm one of those that don't think the covers fit the books (mostly because Mercy is so scantily clad in most of them)... BUT it is gorgeous art. Really stunning, so we're in total agreement there. :)
Book Cupidity 6 months ago
I know. I'm in the total minority :) I'm sure glad I'm not in charge of stuff like that!
Rane Aria 6 months ago
Books and Chili! Perfect autumn recipe. Awesome shelfie and made a copy of the chili recipe for the cool weather coming in next week ;D
Book Cupidity 6 months ago
Yes! And Books and Hot Cider! And Books and Pie! and Books and Stew! So much Autumn inspiration - you've been passing that along around here, I know. :)
Jennifer's Books 6 months ago
I love your bookshelves! :D The chili recipe sounds great!

I'm also a fan of stepbacks. Even the cheesy ones. ;)
Book Cupidity 6 months ago
The cheesy ones are some of the best - the more Fabio like, the more the heroines clothes seem to be so shoddily made that Fabio-like guy just looks at them and they're falling off, the better.
Obsidian Blue 6 months ago
Loved your answers and quotes! Also your Halloween marker still makes me smile.
Book Cupidity 6 months ago
Thanks, O. Blue. :)
I love the Eleanor Roosevelt quote you selected! And I am totally with you on JZB!
Book Cupidity 5 months ago
He graces my coffee mug (sort of, he's not really pictured but it's a dragon with his initials) :
That is awesome! Great way to start any day lol
Your shelves put mine to shame! Mine are all over the place haha