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BrokenTune 1 year ago
That nook is amazing!
1 year ago
I agree #jealous! wow.
Thank you both! I enjoy it a lot. Now I just need to convince my guy to help build me more shelves so I have room for the rest of my books.
Murder by Death 1 year ago
The whole post was great from start to finish! But yeah.... that nook... and those shelves... just awesome! The pillows and the lights and the whole thing. Beautiful!
Awe thank you so much! Yay! I'm glad you noticed the lights, I made those out of mason jars, marbles and fairylights! All the blue hues glow really pretty when they're on.
Murder by Death 1 year ago
They were actually the first thing I noticed! Did you use those tiny led lights on copper wire? If so, where did you hide the battery pack? Does it fit under the lid?
Yes, those are the ones! These actually plug into the wall, but we drilled a tiny hole in the back of that shelf and snaked the copper wire through that and there is an outlet right off to the side that it plugs into. I have a few battery pack lights too, I bet you could actually just fit it in under the lid! And then they'd be portable which would be so great!
Murder by Death 1 year ago
I have a set...and I have a Mason jar... I might have a project this afternoon! :D
That is awesome! I would love to see pics when/if you make it!
Obsidian Blue 1 year ago
I am so jealous of that nook area.
It wasn't terribly hard to build, says the person who basically just burned, painted and stained things lol.
I remember when you guys built that nook! I still want one!
I would love to see what your reading nook would look like! Probably a little dark and a lot of awesome!
Portable Mistletoe 1 year ago
Love your book nook! It's amazing.
Thanks so much!
BrokenTune 1 year ago
I meant to say, i really loved the rest of the post, too... but the nook has totally stolen all my attention.
Haha thanks, I totally get it. I'm often distracted by all the shiny things lol
Hello Tricia, great post -- and re: that nook, well ... what the others said! A dream come true!!
Hi! Thank you! The real struggle now is keeping my stuff in there because my daughter loves to steal my accessories and pillows haha
And honestly, she can't even be blamed ...!
I suppose not ;)
Portable Mistletoe 1 year ago
If I were your daughter, you'd never have a chance to even use that nook. I'd be in there reading and using it for a playhouse (or fort or castle or pirate cave or...)
Haha I'm lucky she is typically busy enough with her own room. She rearranges everything in it every few weeks.
Jennifer's Books 1 year ago
I am in love with your reading nook and your shelves!!!
Thanks! It was fun making the shelves, I got to burn each piece of wood with a torch (which really brings out all the pstterns in the wood) and then stain them. And we used the frame from my daughter's old loft bed for the inside of the nook. The ladder for that actually got repurposed as well, you can see the one half hanging on the wall next to the window being used as a mini shelf inside.
YES! I like where this is going haha I need some Alfred in my life!
Midu Reads 1 year ago
Hi! *waves* both the nook and the shelves look amazing :-)
Hi Midu! Thank you :)
Rachel's books 1 year ago
LOVE your reading nook! And your shelves!
Thank you, Rachel!
I love reading your posts and I absolutely ADORED this glimpse into your world!! Great piece and AWESOME reading space!!!
Thank you so much! This just made my day! I enjoy your posts as well :)
Holy Crap. Those are the exact words I said out loud when I saw your bookshelves/bed nook. I am beyond jealous! That looks so cozy and I'd never want to leave. It sounds like you have every book lovers dream job!
Haha thank you! It is definitely cozy. I feel super lucky to be doing something I'm passionate about for sure. They give so much back to children too, and that is something I'm proud to be a part of.
I like that. I hope we can continue to keep reading alive for children and people of all ages!